Democrat Party is wayyyy outside the mainstream

The Democrat Party supports NO restrictions on abortion.

They and their media lapdogs have labored to convince Americans that their position is “mainstream America” and that anyone (like Rand Paul) who supports restrictions is a flaming, extremist, woman-hating, whack job.

But the TRUTH is … support for unrestricted abortion has ALWAYS been well outside the mainstream.

In fact, at NO TIME in the past forty years, has a majority of Americans supported the hard-line NO RESTRICTIONS WHATSOEVER, which has been the Democratic Party Platform for years.

2014_05 GALLUP Abortion historical

A recent and more detailed abortion opinion poll shows ONLY NINE PERCENT support Democrats’ extremist “kill babies whenever you want” policy.

2015_01 Marist abortion poll

Megyn Kelly asked Democrat Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, if she would approve of the abortion of a 7-pound baby.

DWS refused to respond, so Megyn asked if she’d approve of abortion “on a whim.”

DWS responded, “Certainly not on a whim.” But she couldn’t name a single reason that was important enough to her to compel the state to get involved in protecting an unborn child’s very existence.

Next time you start wondering if Democrats and their lapdog media really are biased not just to the left of, but to the FAR left of mainstream America, listen for a while to what they say and do not say about abortion.


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