We will be judged on this

ABORTION no such thing

God is “pro-choice” only in so far as He has given each of us free will to choose where we will spend eternal life.

Matt 25 and abortion


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  1. Indeed. People keep telling me it’s no big deal that the abortion mandate in Obamacare forces us to pay for abortions explicitly. They say we’re not responsible. Perhaps.

    So, maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve taken the extraordinary step of letting my family go completely without medical insurance. I know some of you have, too. It seems extreme, but there are some options out there that keep it from being so crazy. Heard of Samaritan Ministries? It’s a cost-sharing plan out of Catholic Health Initiatives that’s open to all Christians that satisfies the Obamacare requirement to avoid penalties while avoiding abortion funding entirely. Technically, they’re like a Craigs List for healthcare. You pay for your own healthcare and a few hundred bucks each month directly to other people on the plan with large expenses. When you need it, others share your expenses. It’s kind of like what insurance was supposed to be before it became a way to control people’s lives. I’m liking it. But there are risks. If you get cancer and need a $10M treatment, you may not be able to cover everything. I still think it’s worth it.


    • freedom1781

      What about prescriptions? Hubby and I take very expensive maintenance drugs.


      • I don’t know. They don’t require exams or lack of pre-existing conditions, but they do, however, keep costs down by requiring that everyone on the plan be church-going, non-regular-smokers without alcohol problems. I’m surprised they don’t ask you questions like: “When was the last time you told your mother a fib?” I’m not kidding. They’re not too crazy about it, but they will ask you to get a form signed by your pastor or church secretary. Of course, that makes it hard on people like me and Bob, because both of us just changed churches! Lousy timing, for us, Bob! 😀


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Kudos, Grunt. Re: your last line … I have a fundamental problem with the idea that anyone “needs” treatment because it appears to me to put the medical community in the place of God. If I NEED something, God sees to it that I have it. If I do not have something, I do not need it … however much I may think I want it.


      • Agreed, and thanks. Far too much of modern society/government has sought to replace God via management of EVERYTHING (insurance being a big one). Government can’t, of course, and does a lousy job, but they project the notion so well that most young people really see no use for God, at all. It’s a horrible deceit.