Clinton’s campaign manager explains strategy


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  1. Holy crap, that’s funny! I LOVE it! That is so much better than showing a pic of the 4 Benghazi dead while Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” plays in the background, which is what I was thinking earlier. This is WAYYYY better! Crowder is a genius. Thanks Bird!


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    It is fair to say that Hillary Clinton is as liberal as Ted Cruz is conservative. This will explain why our so-called “objective” media are already treating Hillary as the Third Coming (Obama was #2) while Cruz merits hide-your-children alarms.

    Just the adjectives give it away. Hillary’s Twitter launch on April 12 was received with words like “sleek,” “savvy,” “trending,” “electrifying,” and “approachable.” She was packaged by the press exactly as she wanted it: a humble “champion of everyday Americans.”

    Compare that to the Ted Cruz launch on March 23. These words framed the introduction: “scary,” “dangerous,” “slimy,” “firebrand,” “rigid,” “uncompromising,” “hardline,” “extremist,” “flamethrower.”

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    • Pretty much. I’m still surprised that the media monkeys are as “on board” as they are. After all, when it comes down to it, nobody really knows anything about what Hillary ‘is’. How liberal is she? Really? Who the hell knows? All we know is that she had a torrid love affair with Alinsky’s ideas, and possibly with the man, himself, when she was a grad student. She’s a ‘radical’, for sure. But what does that even mean now? We know she’s one of the most ruthless people on the planet. Her number one Girl Friday is Huma Abedin who has bona fide ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. How can that be a good thing? But still, we know practically nothing. It’s damn creepy.

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