A lot of sort of big words

Two former Secretaries of State published an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal last week that was critical of the Iran nuclear deal. 

John Hayward at Breitbart said, “It was a very weighty piece, filled with serious criticism that … the agreement … would not do much to slow down Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

President Powderpuff’s State Dept Spox, Marie Harf, dismissed the entire thing as “a lot of sort of big words and big thoughts.”

Harf not SNL

A reporter suggested that one of the big thoughts in the piece was that “there are not enough big words and big thoughts in what the Administration is pursuing … in the Middle East right now.”

Harf responded, “Think about either an Iran with a nuclear weapon. Think about how that would create even more instability. Think about having to utilize other options to prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon and the kinds of instability that would lead to.”

Uhhhh … yeah.  That is what we ARE ALL THINKING ABOUT!  

What we wanted from you was some clarification of how the criticisms of two former Secretaries of State are somehow not justified, some small reassurance that the plan Obama is pursuing is going to prevent a nuclear Iran.  Somehow “a lot of sort of big words” doesn’t put one’s mind to rest, you know?  But hey … not to worry!  Cuz Our President Can Shoot Rainbows Out of His Hand!



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3 responses to “A lot of sort of big words

  1. Ting

    Good grief. That Breitbart article about the Facebook spat is just the icing on the cake of this whole ridiculous, childish episode. Since Kerry’s State Dept. is not worried about Iranian Mullahs with nuclear weapons, they obviously have no problem with the ditz who is out front every day getting into a public Facebook spat like a 12 year old.