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Fragrant Faith

What's Your Fragrance

Our Daily Bread meditation by Joe Stowell

I’m grateful that God has given us the sense of smell so we can enjoy the many fragrances of life. I think of how much I enjoy something as simple as the fresh and inviting aroma of after-shave lotion in the morning. Or the mellow smell of fresh-cut grass in the spring. I especially enjoy sitting in the backyard when the delicate scent of my favorite roses fills the air. And then there are the savory aromas of delicious food.

So it catches my attention when the apostle Paul says that our generous acts of love toward others are like a “sweet-smelling aroma, an acceptable sacrifice, well pleasing to God” (Phil. 4:18). When we think of helping those in need, we usually think of it as the right thing to do—or even the Christlike thing to do. But Paul says that our intentional act of reaching out to meet someone’s need actually fills the throne room of God with a fragrance that brings pleasure to Him.

We can please God with the aromas that rise from being a blessing to others! What an added incentive this is for us to perform deeds of kindness in His name.

Who might need your act of kindness today? Ask God to lead you to someone. Be a blessing. It’s a fragrant thing to do!


  • “We are the aroma of Christ for God.” 2 Cor 2:15
  • “Live in love, as Christ loved us and handed himself over for us as a sacrificial offering to God for a fragrant aroma.” Eph 5:2
  • “I am very well supplied because of what I received from you through Epaphroditus, “a fragrant aroma,” an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God.” Phil 4:18

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But PETA Still Approves

It’s been reported many times that protecting Hillary Clinton is the most hated job in the U.S. Secret Service. Kate Andersen Brower, in her book, “Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House,” gives us more detail into exactly why that is. In the excerpts she published just yesterday in Politico, it seems even first daughter Chelsea got into the act of mistreating her protectors:

One day, according to Payne, he was walking through the second-floor private kitchen when an agent walked in behind him waiting to escort Chelsea to Sidwell Friends, the private school she attended in northwest Washington. Chelsea was on the phone.

“Oh, I’ve got to go,” she told her friend. “The pigs are here.”

The agent turned “crimson,” Payne recalls. “Ms. Clinton, I want to tell you something. My job is to stand between you, your family, and a bullet. Do you understand?”

She replied: “Well, that’s what my mother and father call you.”

Hat tip to Trailbee for the idea. Cross-posted at the Grunt Blog.


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Yay! I finished it!!

2015_04 08a K's zebra quilt

2015_04 08b K's quilt - zebra batik

2015_04 08c K's quilt details


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Intolerant Math

LEFT intolerance by Ramirez
2015_04 06 Eddikated by Commie Core


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