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UPDATE: Obama refused to help #BringBackOurGirls

2015_04 01 BHO refused to help Bring Back Our Girls

2015_03 31 Stockman confirms BHO refused to help fight BokoHaram

2014_05 Boko Haram - war on Christianity and democracy

Other statements from Boko Haram leader:

I am the one that captured your girls and I will sell them in the market. … Any infidel is a sheep to be sold. … Prophet Muhammed took slaves himself.

I will not follow anyone except Allah; I will not model anyone except Prophet. … Even if you kill me, other fighters will rise better than me; I am nothing and worthless before God who I am working for. That is Islam.

May Allah help us to do what is in Qur’an. … This is a war against Christians and democracy. … I am against government of the people by the people. I am for government of the people by Allah.

So Obama refused to help Nigeria fight Boko Haram and rescue 300 black girls from slavery, because Nigeria’s laws aren’t friendly to homosexuals?

Yup … or so he says.

Obama’s foreign policy actually makes perfect sense once you recognize that his real agenda has always been to advance the rise to global rule of the apocalyptic Muslim “messiah”, the Imam Mahdi.

Please, listen to these videos all the way through. They are BOTH really important.

Obama refused Nigeria intel to stop Boko Haram over its stance against gay ‘marriage’

Nigeria: Habila Shot for Refusing to Deny Jesus


Congressman: Obama refused to help Nigeria stop Boko Haram over its stance against gay ‘marriage’
By John-Henry Westen and Pete Baklinski – Mar 31, 2015

Boko Haram Leader Pledges War Against Christians; Scoffs at Gays Saying Even Animals Know Better
By Leonardo Blair , CP Reporter – May 16, 2014

Deny or Die: The War on Christians in Nigeria October 2014

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Today’s PoliNation Recipe for the Apocalypse: Huitlacoche Tacos

I think it goes without saying that after another year or so with this administration in the White House, we’ll be subsisting on the occasional rat casserole and ditch weed salad. If the internet still exists, we’ll be spending lots of time on West African nutritional websites trying to figure out the proper ways to cook “bush meat.” If you don’t know what that means, trust me; you will. So, in that spirit, we here at PoliNation would like to present one of the hidden treasures of North American subsistence living: Huitlachoche Tacos.
Huitlacoche is just a nice word for “corn smut,” which is a fungus that plagues corn crops. Since I grow corn, myself, I have the pleasure of cursing corn smut on a regular basis.  I never once thought of eating it, but I was vaguely aware that it could be bought, and strangely, it turns out that it’s not even really that cheap.  I think this is because the people who harvest, process and can the product require special equipment to keep from being poisoned, along with generous hazard pay.  They may even need to be imported from third world places where labor is cheap and unemployment is rampant, like the European Union countries.
To prepare the huitlachoche, you first need to use a knife to cut the fungus off the corn and then throw the corn away.  It’s no longer any good to eat because all the good nutrients have been sucked out of it by the mushroomy crap.  Oh, and don’t worry about using a clean knife.  Actually, any sharp rock or piece of glass will do, too, because you’ll want to throw it away after you’re done, anyway.  Finally, you want to lightly sauté your cuitlacoche on a hot surface until, um, until you feel like stopping, and slap it onto a warm tortilla or any piece of grass-cake or bread-like substance that happens to be available.  That’s it.  Enjoy!
Oh, and don’t forget to add a green salad to balance out the meal.  Instead of dressing, try splashing some Jack Daniels on top of your ditch weeds if you can afford it.  I know what you’re saying; “where are we going to find some Jack Daniels in post-Obama America?”  Well, it just so happens that old Jack is probably what we’ll be using for money by then, so it will be one of the few commercial products that will be available.  Healthy eating, and happy April Fools Day!


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