Ted Cruz calls climate activists “flat earthers” ::giggle::

This is SO worth watching!

“I read this morning a Newsweek article from the 1970s talking about global cooling. And it said the science is clear, it is overwhelming, we are in a major cooling period, and it’s going to cause enormous problems worldwide. … Now, the data proved to be not backing up that theory. So then all the advocates of global cooling suddenly shifted to global warming, and they advocated it’s warming, and the solution interestingly enough was the exact same solution — government control of the energy sector and every aspect of our lives.” – Ted Cruz

1977 TIME - Global Cooling Crisis

Did you notice how Cruz used “the data are”?  How many people do you know who recognize that “data” is plural?  The reason he’s making Progressive heads explode is that he’s SMART, he’s ON TO THEIR SCAMS, and people are LISTENING to him.

Reporters Can’t Stand Ted Cruz Calling the Climate Radicals ‘Flat Earthers’ < Fun read


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11 responses to “Ted Cruz calls climate activists “flat earthers” ::giggle::

  1. Jane Dough

    OMG, I think my head just exploded! What an articulate, well-reasoned candidate! BONUS POINTS: he wants to abolish the criminal IRS!!!

    This guy, in a debate with Hillary? The ref would have to step in for a mercy decision.


  2. Most excellent! Also, props to Cruz for saying things like “Data are” as opposed to “Data is”. . . guy actually recognizes the word “Data” as plural. (unless, I suppose, one is speaking of the character from StarTrek)

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  3. what about the fact that Ted Cruz is not a Natural Born Citizen.

    I agree the man is articulate.but does he have enough of the right experience to be in charge of the USA?

    The candidate I like is Scott Walker. Ted Cruz needs to become a governor like Mike Pence and then he will have executive experience.

    The other person I like is Bobby Jindal but there is also a question about his eligibility. He has a good record as governor too.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      Cruz is a Natural Born Citizen. His mother was an American. John McCain was also not born on U.S. soil, but the Senate affirmed his right to run. Most countries actual put far more emphasis on the nationality of parents than on the place of birth. Very few do what we do, which is to grant citizenship based on birth alone when both parents are non-citizens.


      • It requires two parents to be a natural born citizen, not just one. I have known that for donkeys years because of my American cousins. Their mother is an Australian. She did not take out U.S. Citizenship until well after they were born and only when she could become a dual citizen. As a result none of my cousins are eligible to be President. I have always understood eligibility in that way.
        John McCain is a different case. He had 2 U.S. citizen parents at the time he was born. The fact that he was born on foreign soil did not stop his eligibility because his father was in the military and was posted to Panama.

        Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio do not meet the parent criteria. Ted Cruz has a foreign non-citizen father. Unfortunately for both Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio their parents had not taken out US citizenship when they were born.