What difference does it make!

2015_03 23 Hillary and press

From my Fox News Update email:


Hillary Clinton presenting a journalism award is something like Scott Walker presenting the prize for the best AFSCME chapter. But neither she nor her hosts seemed the slightest bit embarrassed. They should have been. Having a Democratic frontrunner who is currently embroiled in a scandal involving her unprecedented efforts to conceal her activities as a cabinet official handing out the hardware and taking no questions should have been impossibly awkward. Instead, it provides a good indication of the level of scrutiny to which Clinton can expect to be subject in her campaign. She joked (or was it taunted?), “‘I am all about new beginnings: a new grandchild, another new hairstyle, a new email account.” Haw, haw. There are nearly unending questions, many of them fresh, about Clinton’s private server and her destruction of tens of thousands of emails from her time as secretary of state. Clinton is taking the final steps before the public launch of her second presidential campaign in the midst of stonewalling the press, but no one seemed to mind.

2015_03 Hillary by Terrell

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  1. Pistol Pete

    The most shameful part of that fiasco was that after she pissed on all of them,they gave her a STANDING OVATION!!!
    2016 will be carbon copy of 2012.The democrat will go unchallenged as the republican candidates help the media rip each other to shreds over a long primary battle.In the end,the willfully ignorant,illegal and dead will doom the country.