Really All You Need to Know About Progressives

Steve Goddard is a vocal climate change “denier.” Just a coincidence, I’m sure.


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7 responses to “Really All You Need to Know About Progressives

  1. Jane Dough

    Why in the world are we still relying on the good graces of left-wing Twitter to send our tweets? Are there no big-pocket conservatives able to fund a more supportive and reliable alternative? I think Twitter has the right to pull the plug on anybody for any reason, but I think we have the right to tell them to go pluck themselves.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    March 24, 2014: After a massive demonstration of support for Goddard, Twitter restored his account. They reminded him that “another violation” could lead to permanent suspension, but never told him what alleged violation he’d committed in the first place!


    • Buncha idiots. What happened is that the climate mafia “reported” him as an “abuser,” and they brought the hammer down for no other reason. The Twitter “reporters” should all be banned for false “reporting” now, right?


      • Every time Twitter evidences its regressive prejudices, I think of a young relative of ours whose job it is to be Twitter’s judgment caller. Haven’t ever talked to him about it, and probably won’t since we likely have rather irreconcilable politics, but I was greatly, if darkly, amused when ISIS threatened Twitter’s judges and bosses for canceling their accounts.

        I can sympathize, though, politics aside. Being in charge, wielding power over others — a SysOp, blogmeister, editor, business owner, judge, parent, employer, landlord — is not something you do for popularity. (I’ve been most of those, with the battle scars to prove it.)


      • chrissythehyphenated

        Yeah, as if THAT will ever happen.