BHO suggests voting be mandatory

IMHO, mandatory voting would be about rounding people up so the gummint can tag and bag us. As for Mr. Rules Are For Thee, But Not For Me …

2015_03 BHO suggests mandatory voting


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3 responses to “BHO suggests voting be mandatory

  1. Yeah, I thought the hypocrisy-retarded one was even more self-unaware than usual when he proposed this, after his abysmal voting record while we were PAYING him to do it.

    But that aside, I’m getting a little tired of everything the Democrats propose being blatant attempts to steal elections or at least gain whatever advantage they can, instead of, you know, DOING WHAT WE HIRED THEM FOR.


    • chrissythehyphenated

      They don’t believe they are working for us. They believe they won the right to do what they please.


  2. It’s not always easy to make light of the world’s most dangerous community organizer, but I’m starting to think of the things he comes out with as being utterly laughable, Joe Bidenisms, a regular game of “What did the Clown in Chief say today?” Dark humor, to be sure.

    Get this! Obama says voting should be mandatory! Hahahahaha! What a maroon.

    Julie as fun with this.

    “That’s the problem with this country: Not enough uninformed people voting!”