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See, America is the Bird…

This is the perfect illustration of America coming in for a soft landing with Barack Obama at the wheel.
Except we’ve substituted this poor shore bird for the plane that is ‘America.’ Don’t want to spook anybody. I’m sure it’ll be all right. I think the bird survives, anyway…
Video courtesy of BBC and an anonymous genius video editor. Hat tip to Wirecutter.

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Democrats embrace sex trafficking

2015_03 18 Dems support sex trafficking



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No, Dickie Boy. WE are not the RAAAACISTS.

Durbin Lynch Rice

Sen. Tim Scott, the black Republican overwhelmingly elected by an extremely conservative electorate, noted that Durbin’s vote against Condoleezza Rice happened during the 40th anniversary of the March on Selma.  Classy, Dickie.  Real classy.

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