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Obama Finally Has a Positive Impact: Israelis Claim “Obama Interference” Propelled Netanyahu to Victory

obama-pissed2jFor months now, we’ve been bombarded by political analysis after analysis claiming that Netanyahu was finished – that he was losing his chess game with the brilliant Obama foreign policy juggernaut. That he’d completely “blown his wad” and was headed for defeat. It seems that the Israelis knew different all along. Last month, the Jerusalem Post reported on a poll that showed Israelis firmly believed Obama was ‘interfering’ in Israeli elections.

Here at home, Fox News had a clue toward the end, as indicated by what Steven Edwards wrote two weeks ago:

Israelis are increasingly convinced President Obama is meddling in their upcoming election, and some observers predict the White House’s alleged effort to undermine Benjamin Netanyahu could indeed wind up tipping the scales – in favor of the prime minister.

But what gives me real confidence that our idiot President really pushed Netanyahu to victory is the word of an Israeli acquaintance, Yitzchak, who just emailed me this today:

It seems that obama’s attempts to fund and direct Bibi’s de-election campaign actually did just the opposite.  🙂  He so scared the Israelis that they came out en masse for [Bibi’s] support.

Good job Barack. You “keep doing you.


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The reports of Benjamin Netenyahu’s demise turned out to be slightly exaggerated. The jihadists in Hamas, Iran, Syria, and the White House are heartbroken. But how did he not only win the election, but his Likud Party pick up seats in the Knesset where they were supposed to lose? By showing some backbone, fighting for the survival of his country, and not trying to make deals with the liars and murderers who would do him in. He coalesced all the factions of his nation’s right wing to unite for the sake of survival.

Our own republican party could take this same lesson if only the entrenched establishment were willing to work with the conservative base. But they’re not. They have their own self-interest at heart, not those of the people they purport to represent. On any legislation of import they generally side with our enemy, the democrats, to thwart any positive change in the DC hierarchy. The house democrats have even sworn to protect Weeper-of-the-House John Boehner from the congressmen and women who swore to keep their word to their constituents. We keep hoping our party will stand up to the bullying of a nobody in the People’s House and his henchmen in the party, who know he’s a joke but dare not question their ruler and time and again we’ve seen our party ‘leaders’ surrender, often without so much as a whimper.

The reaction from the liberals has been interesting, to say the least.

Why Can’t Republicans Beat Obama Like Netanyahu Just Did?
There are many reasons that Netanyahu surged toward the end. But they all boil down to one: enough Israeli voters knew that a loss for Netanyahu meant a victory for Obama. And they weren’t going to stand for it. On both occasions when Bibi surged in the polls–just prior to his speech to Congress, and on Election Day–a major theme of campaign rhetoric was the charge that Obama was interfering in the elections. (Those charges have merit, as a Senate committee is about to find out.)

OBAMA WHITE HOUSE Avoids Congratulating Netanyahu – Won’t Mention His Name
White House aide went on CNN this morning to congratulate the people of Israel.
He wouldn’t congratulate PM Benjamin Netanyahu and avoided mentioning his name.
“We want to congratulate the Israeli people for the democratic process for the election that they just engaged in with all the parties that engaged in that election. As you know now, the hard work of coalition building begins. Sometimes that takes a couple of weeks. And we’re going to give space to the formation of that coalition government and we’re not going to weigh in one way or another except to say that the United States and Israel have a historic and close relationship and that will continue going forward,”

PAUL RYAN: Obama Helped Bibi Netanyahu Win in a Landslide
Paul Ryan Speaks Truth to Power–
Rep. Paul Ryan told FOX and Friends this morning that Barack Obama helped Netanyahu win Tuesday’s national elections.
The Obama Administration spent 350,00 in taxpayer dollars to help defeat the Israeli leader.

ABC: ‘There’s a Lot of Disappointment at the White House This Morning’ with Bibi Victory

Amy Holmes Destroys “Morning Joe” Crew Distraught over Netanyahu Victory in Israel
Amy Holmes destroys the distraught “Morning Joe” crew devastated by Benjamin Netanyahu’s big victory in Israel! Holmes points out Barack Obama’s shameful treatment of Netanyahu, a point Obama minion Robert Gibbs tried to deny.

CNN: Netanyahu Victory “Feels Like a Shellacking” for Obama

Sour grapes on the left over Netanyahu’s landslide victory
“Deep Wounds and Lingering Questions After Israel’s Bitter Race,” read a headline from The New York Times. And, no, it’s not an editorial.


David Axelrod ✔ @davidaxelrod
Tightness of exits in Israel suggests Bibi’s shameful 11th hour demagoguery may have swayed enough votes to save him. But at what cost?



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Harry Reid makes me sick

Democrat Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is heading up a Democrat filibuster against a bill to help the victims of human trafficking because it includes the Hyde Amendment (a ban on federal funds for elective abortions).

Reid tweeted, “Life is simple but my Republican friends insist on making it complicated. If they took abortion out of human trafficking bill, we’d pass it.”

In other words, “I am so passionate about killing babies that I’m willing to embrace sex-trafficking.”

Harry Reid claims to be “strongly pro-life.”

Pro-Abort Politician and Judgment


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Netanyahu: Decisive win in Israel

2015_03 18 Netanyahu win

Stephen Kruiser writes,

“The last few days were absolutely polluted with stories about Netanyahu’s imminent political demise, with the most popular version of the tale being that he ruined his chances by angering great and powerful thin-skinned consumer of canines currently occupying the Oval Office.

“One does not hurt Barack Obama’s feelings without some backlash.

“Now that Obama has once again been revealed impotent in helping candidates not named Barack Obama to victory, his media petting zoo is out of sorts. They will be expending a lot of effort to explain exactly why this victory wasn’t really a victory.

“Naturally, they will be directed by the White House.

“Maybe with an assist from Tehran.”



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Kenneth Branagh’s Very Christian Cinderella

2015_03 13 Branagh's Cinderella

Kenneth Branagh’s Very Christian Cinderella by Fr. Robert Barron – March 17, 2015

Kenneth Branagh’s “Cinderella” is the most surprising Hollywood movie of the year so far. I say this because the director manages to tells the familiar fairy tale without irony, hyper-feminist sub-plots, Marxist insinuations, deconstructionist cynicism, or arch condescension. In so doing, he actually allows the spiritual, indeed specifically Christian, character of the tale to emerge. I realize that it probably strikes a contemporary audience as odd that Cinderella might be a Christian allegory, but keep in mind that most of the fairy stories and children’s tales compiled by the Brothers Grimm and later adapted by Walt Disney found their roots in the decidedly Christian culture of late medieval and early modern Europe.

In Branagh’s telling, Ella is the daughter of wonderful parents, both of whom instill in her a keen sense of moral virtue and joie de vivre. The girl’s idyllic childhood was interrupted by the sudden illness of her mother, who, while on her death-bed, delivered to Ella the injunction always to be “kind and courageous.” Her father then remarried and brought his new wife and her two daughters to live with him and Ella. Some years later, Ella’s father left on a lengthy business trip. Before he set out, she enjoined him to send back to her the first branch that his shoulder would brush while on the journey. A few weeks later, a servant arrived with the branch in his hand and the dreadful news that Ella’s father had become sick and had died. The now utterly isolated Ella became the victim of her wicked stepmother (played by the always compelling Cate Blanchett) and her obnoxious stepsisters, who visit upon her every type of cruelty and injustice. They even take away her bedroom, forcing her to sleep by the dying embers of the fire to keep warm. The ashes that stain her face give rise to the cruel nickname her stepsisters assign to her. Significantly, the cat belonging to Ella’s stepfamily is called Lucifer.

So we have a beautiful, vivacious, and morally upright young lady whose life becomes a nightmare through the intervention of untimely death and wicked oppression. So thorough was her loss of dignity that she finds herself covered in dust, her beauty obscured. It does not require a huge leap of imagination to see this as an allegory of the fall of the human race. God created us as beautiful, indeed in his own image and likeness, but through sin and the ministrations of the devil, we descended into dysfunction, and our beauty was covered over. In the technical language of the theologians, though we had kept the image of God, we had lost our likeness to him.

To return to Branagh’s traditional telling of the tale: while out riding in the country, Cinderella encountered a magnificent stag that was being pursued by a hunting party. Subsequently, she met the leader of the hunting brigade, a handsome young prince, the son of the King. The two almost immediately fell in love. Because she returned home without identifying herself, the prince called for a ball and invited all of the young women of the realm to come, hoping to lure his mysterious beloved. Though her stepfamily tried desperately to prevent her from attending, Cinderella, through the ministrations of her fairy godmother, managed to get to the ball, where she, of course, entranced the prince. Once again, she was compelled to return early, and the lovesick prince sought her desperately until he found her and married her.

We are tempted, no doubt, to see all of this as the stuff of ordinary romance, but we should look more deeply. First, the stag is a traditional sign of Christ and thus his presence as the object of the hunt is meant to signal his presence at the symbolic level of the narrative. Moreover, the prince, the son of the King, who falls in love with a woman despite her lowliness, is an obvious evocation of Jesus, the Son of God, who was sent to become the bridegroom of the human race, whose spiritual beauty had been covered over by sin. The prophet Isaiah predicted that the “builder of the human race” would come one day to marry his people, and the motif of the sacrum connubium, the sacred marriage, runs right through the New Testament. Indeed, the fathers of the Church took particular delight in ringing the changes on this theme, emphasizing that the Prince of Peace, the Son of God, in marrying the human race, lifted us up out of our lowliness and bestowed upon us all of his own benefits and dignity. This is precisely why the early theologians of the Church specified that the sacrum connubium involved an admirabile commercium (a wonderful exchange), God taking our sin from us and giving us his grace. In the symbolic language of our story, the unmerited love of the prince indeed transformed Cinderella into a princess.

The surest sign that this transformation has occurred—and it is one of my favorite elements in Branagh’s telling—is that Cinderella, upon escaping from the cruel oppression of her stepmother, turned to the wicked woman, not to curse her, but to offer a word of forgiveness. There could be no more compelling proof that she had thoroughly taken on the character of the bridegroom.

When you see this film, I would invite you, even as you take in the fantasy and romance of it, to appreciate it too as a deeply Christian story.


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Ill fated blind date

Ill fated blind date


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Most CORRUPT administration ever

March 14, 2015: Hillary Clinton email scandal in second week

2015_03 NY Post says Obama sabotaging Hillary

In addition, at Jarrett’s behest, the State Department is running six separate probes into Hillary’s performance, including the use of her expense account, the disbursement of funds, her contact with foreign leaders and her possible collusion with the Clinton Foundation. Reportedly, Obama and Jarrett will do anything to stop Hillary’s bid for the presidency. Rumors are there is more dirt to come.

March 15-21, 2015: Sunshine Week

An annual effort by news organizations and watchdog groups to highlight issues of government transparency, because “open government is good government.”

March 16, 2015: National Freedom of Information Day

An annual event held during Sunshine Week celebrated on the birthday of President James Madison who was the foremost advocate for openness in government. He is also hailed as being instrumental in the drafting of the United States Constitution and as the key champion and author of the United States Bill of Rights.

March 16, 2015: Obama Administration issues a big FY to the American people

BHO transparency NOT

In the midst of the national discussion about government accountability sparked by the Hillary e-mail scandal, the Obama administration announced they were officially exempting their own Office of Administration from the Freedom of Information Act.

The Office of Administration responded to FOIA requests for 30 years until, late in the Bush administration, someone made a FOIA request for millions of White House emails and Bush said no. In 2009, a federal appeals court ruled that Bush had the right to refuse that request.

The Obama administration calls this single court ruling a “well-settled legal interpretation” upon which his own administration could remove itself completely from FOIA public scrutiny.

“The irony of this being Sunshine Week is not lost on me,” said Anne Weismann of the liberal Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW.

“It is completely out of step with the president’s supposed commitment to transparency,” she said. “That is a critical office, especially if you want to know, for example, how the White House is dealing with e-mail.”

“You have a president who comes in and says, I’m committed to transparency and agencies should make discretionary disclosures whenever possible, but he’s not applying that to his own White House,” Weismann said.

The White House did not explain why it decided to formally implement the allegedly “settled legal interpretation” six years after the court ruling, as the Hillary e-mail scandal debate raged, and on National Freedom of Information Day … but it isn’t hard to imagine the back story.

2015_03 16 BHO and Jarret plan FY



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