The Power of Prayer

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Monday, March 16, 2015 – As we near the end of the fourth week of this 40 Days for Life campaign, we know of 265 babies whose mothers decided at the last moment to choose life!

Abortions can often be pursued for financial reasons. If times are tough, another mouth to feed may seem like an impossible challenge … and abortion is sold as an easy way out.

In Modesto, CA, a woman slotted for an abortion walked past a group of our 40 Days for Life volunteers who were outside the clinic, keeping silent and prayerful vigil. She went into the clinic, checked in, and sat in the waiting room to be called.

She was eight weeks pregnant with her fifth child, and she and her family were homeless, living in shelters and the occasional motel room. Her husband, fifteen years her senior, was disabled several years ago, but had not been approved for disability, so he received no income. The family was destitute, with nowhere to turn.

Inside the clinic, the woman fidgeted and nervously tapped her fingers on the arm of the chair. On her way to her appointment she had prayed to God to give her a sign. She couldn’t get the picture of those prayerful volunteers out of her mind. Why were they there? Why did they care so much? Was this the sign from God she was looking for?

Her heart started beating faster and her conscience was pricked. She knew that the baby she was carrying was just that – a baby – not a lump of cells, as she had been told. She began getting more and more nervous.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She knew she couldn’t go through with the abortion and she walked out of the clinic.

She stood on the street corner for a moment, trying to compose herself, when she noticed a kind woman smiling at her. She approached the woman, a member of our 40 Days for Life prayer team, and she was given a loving ear, along with a list of resources and referral to the Modesto Pregnancy Center, a local pro-life, Christian resource in our town.

The Modesto pro-life community is coming together to help her and her family with temporary housing and other needs.

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