The President-In-Name-Only just uncorked another steaming pile of Blame Bush Buffet.

2015_03 16 BHO blames ISIS on Bush

Remember when Obamacrats said we didn’t need troops in Iraq because there was no al Qaeda in Iraq? This would be after the Left said Bush didn’t attack al Qaeda in Iraq because he didn’t want to undercut his reasons for invading Iraq, but before they said it was Bush’s invasion that led to al Qaeda being in Iraq.

ISIS wasn’t the result of the invasion of Iraq. It was the result of Obama’s retreat from Iraq. And it is something that Bush and a whole lot of other smart people WARNED WOULD HAPPEN if we pulled our troops out of Iraq too soon.

Below is the full VICE News interview. I didn’t watch it, but you’re welcome to do so. I suggest you keep a barf bag handy; I hear he talks about his Jobs for Terrorists plan at the end.

President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

BHO and Jihadi John

Remember when BHO sneered at FOX News, calling it “not a real news organization”? Have any of you ever even heard of VICE News or Shane Smith before? I guess this is a step up from his interview with that Froot Loops YouTube sensation. At least VICE News has the word “news” in the name, right? Almost like how FOX News does. Speaking of FOX … I googled VICE News and found out that Rupert Murdoch’s corporation 21st Century Fox owns 5% of Vice Media of which VICE News is a division. ::snork::


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