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Many years ago, after my granddad retired, it didn’t take long being under granny’s foot when she tried to do her housework she issued an ultimatum… get a part time job or she’d make his life even more miserable than she already did. Being a fan of drinking beer, he got a job part-time tending bar at a tavern named Kelly Malone’s. Typical neighborhood place. Juke box, pool tables, a bowling machine and there was a moose head high on the wall,about 12-15 feet. St Patrick’s Day was like Christmas, New Years and the Fourth of July all rolled into one. The free corned beef and green beer flowed. It wasn’t a good day unless the local constabulary had to intervene at some point.

The second holiday he worked there he came home and said ‘You won’t believe what happened.’


‘Somebody got that damn moosehead down off the wall and stole it.’

It must have gotten really drunk outside. Imagine sobering up and finding a nasty,moth-eaten head in your living room and you can’t remember how it got there. Beer has been making people act stupidly for thousands of years.








Par For Discourse




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St. Patrick and Human Trafficking

St Patrick was a slave


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The President-In-Name-Only just uncorked another steaming pile of Blame Bush Buffet.

2015_03 16 BHO blames ISIS on Bush

Remember when Obamacrats said we didn’t need troops in Iraq because there was no al Qaeda in Iraq? This would be after the Left said Bush didn’t attack al Qaeda in Iraq because he didn’t want to undercut his reasons for invading Iraq, but before they said it was Bush’s invasion that led to al Qaeda being in Iraq.

ISIS wasn’t the result of the invasion of Iraq. It was the result of Obama’s retreat from Iraq. And it is something that Bush and a whole lot of other smart people WARNED WOULD HAPPEN if we pulled our troops out of Iraq too soon.

Below is the full VICE News interview. I didn’t watch it, but you’re welcome to do so. I suggest you keep a barf bag handy; I hear he talks about his Jobs for Terrorists plan at the end.

President Barack Obama Speaks With VICE News

BHO and Jihadi John

Remember when BHO sneered at FOX News, calling it “not a real news organization”? Have any of you ever even heard of VICE News or Shane Smith before? I guess this is a step up from his interview with that Froot Loops YouTube sensation. At least VICE News has the word “news” in the name, right? Almost like how FOX News does. Speaking of FOX … I googled VICE News and found out that Rupert Murdoch’s corporation 21st Century Fox owns 5% of Vice Media of which VICE News is a division. ::snork::


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The Power of Prayer

ABORTION Heart beat

Monday, March 16, 2015 – As we near the end of the fourth week of this 40 Days for Life campaign, we know of 265 babies whose mothers decided at the last moment to choose life!

Abortions can often be pursued for financial reasons. If times are tough, another mouth to feed may seem like an impossible challenge … and abortion is sold as an easy way out.

In Modesto, CA, a woman slotted for an abortion walked past a group of our 40 Days for Life volunteers who were outside the clinic, keeping silent and prayerful vigil. She went into the clinic, checked in, and sat in the waiting room to be called.

She was eight weeks pregnant with her fifth child, and she and her family were homeless, living in shelters and the occasional motel room. Her husband, fifteen years her senior, was disabled several years ago, but had not been approved for disability, so he received no income. The family was destitute, with nowhere to turn.

Inside the clinic, the woman fidgeted and nervously tapped her fingers on the arm of the chair. On her way to her appointment she had prayed to God to give her a sign. She couldn’t get the picture of those prayerful volunteers out of her mind. Why were they there? Why did they care so much? Was this the sign from God she was looking for?

Her heart started beating faster and her conscience was pricked. She knew that the baby she was carrying was just that – a baby – not a lump of cells, as she had been told. She began getting more and more nervous.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She knew she couldn’t go through with the abortion and she walked out of the clinic.

She stood on the street corner for a moment, trying to compose herself, when she noticed a kind woman smiling at her. She approached the woman, a member of our 40 Days for Life prayer team, and she was given a loving ear, along with a list of resources and referral to the Modesto Pregnancy Center, a local pro-life, Christian resource in our town.

The Modesto pro-life community is coming together to help her and her family with temporary housing and other needs.


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Democrat Treachery ca 2011

As a military mom, NOTHING about Obamacrats makes me more angry than the horrible way they treat our troops. A close second is how SHORT their damn memories are about all the vile things they’ve done in the past. The graphic below is the first in a series I did in 2011* about Iraq containing truths that need to be remembered accurately. I loaded it to a new Facebook album. It’s public, so you should be able to see it and share it even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

00 Obama puts politics before leadership - June 22, 2011

Democrat Treachery ca 2011


*It used to be at Chrissy’s Site Bites, where I had more than 3,000 graphics. Webshots has been turned into a cloud storage site and is no longer hosting graphics.

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There is a darkness in the world

I doubt I caught all the subtle imagery Terrell embedded in this, but I caught enough to go, “Whoa, that’s dark … and exactly how I feel about this.” Zoom in and look around for yourself.  You can subscribe to Terrell’s email list @ http://terrellaftermath.com/.

2015_03 16 Healing race relations by Terrell

Andy Borowitz is an American writer, comedian, satirist, and actor who publishes regularly in The New Yorker. Here are blurbs from some of his latest pieces.

March 13, 2015: “The approval rating of the United States Congress has shrunk to a point where it is no longer detectable by the technology currently available.”

March 11, 2015: “Hoping to quell the controversy over e-mails missing from her private account, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday released twenty thousand spam e-mails she received from Old Navy.”

March 10, 2015: “The North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un said on Tuesday that he feels “snubbed” by the decision of forty-seven Republican senators to write a letter to Iran but not to him.”

March 10, 2015: “Stating that “their continuing hostilities are a threat to world peace,” Iran has offered to mediate talks between congressional Republicans and President Obama.”

March 6, 2015: “In what could be a prelude to a Presidential run in 2016, on Friday Joe Biden released to the public both e-mails that he has written while serving as Vice-President for the past six years.”

Read the rest @ http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report

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