Obamacrats working for destruction of Israel

Feb 28, 2015: The following is based on a Kuwaiti newspaper quoting “well-placed” sources

Last year, when Israel discovered that the United States was about to sign a nuclear agreement with Iran behind Israel’s back, Netanyahu and his top people decided to launch airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear program. Israeli fighter jets trained for several weeks and carried out experimental stealth flights in Iran’s airspace.

When an Israeli minister secretly revealed the plan to the Obama administration, Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran, forcing Netanyahu to abort the operation. Since then relations between Israel and the Obama administration have gotten even worse than they already were.

Obamacrats and Nuclear Iran

Leftist protesters led by CODE PINK gathered outside AIPAC2015 (American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting) to raise the Hezbollah flag and chant slogans calling for the destruction of Israel.

Why no room for Palestinians


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