You May Be Cool…

But you’ll never be the unique kind of cool that this guy was. Until today, when Leonard Nimoy passed away at 83 in southern California. We used to swim and catch crawfish on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe within view of his mountainside home back in the 90s. It ain’t easy being green, we know, but for a Hollywood actor you were pretty ok. RIP, pointy-ears.


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7 responses to “You May Be Cool…

  1. barnslayer

    I love Star Trek… Spock included. But Nimoy was a liberal. I saw that even in his early guest parts on the 60’s TV show “Combat!” Conversely, Shatner is a conservative and admitted to being an jerk in the early series.


    • All true, Barn. Plus, he was some kind of nouveau Buddhist (I think), so he believed (and he said this explicitly) that all that will be left of him is his memory in other peoples’ minds. That makes him rather an idiot, in my view. Of course, the fact that he was a big Obama supporter ALONE makes him a HUGE idiot. But as I said, he was “pretty ok.” Not brilliant, or a saint. But entertaining. You’ll note that I do not take particular pains to not offend him in the afterlife, because I don’t think he believed in the afterlife. I don’t agree with him on that. I think he’s very much still around. I just think that now he’s not too worried about what I have to say. Maybe he’s got other things to worry about, you know? At least, as far as I know. He seemed to have an active interior life, so who knows where he’s been and where he’s going?


  2. This has apparently been around for a year, but I hadn’t seen it until today.


      • Daughter was mentioning today that someone told her about Nimoy’s lamentable musical release, which included a song about hobbits. Then I pulled up that video and played it for her cold. Got to his gravelly voice talk-singing the song. Extra funny.

        RIP Lenny. Thanks for the way you brought the character of Spock to life. Spock will be remembered forever. If only for this.