MEDIA BIAS: “The standard isn’t even remotely the same”

Mark Halperin: “Huge Double Standard” on Media Coverage of Controversial Statements

2015_02 23 Media double standard

I LOVE the background graphic on the set, especially given that they spelled sacrilege correctly.

This word is commonly misspelled sacrelige, I believed from a mistaken assumption that its roots are “sac” [a bag or pouch] and “religious” [belief in a religion]. Pointy white hoods come to mind and a case could be made that Kluxers committed a good deal of sacrilege, but I digress.

The correct root of sacrilege is sacri- [sacrum = sacred] and “legere” [take possession of].

Sacrilege n. \săk′rə-lĭj\ Desecration, profanation, misuse, or theft of a holy person, sacred place, or thing which has been consecrated to a divinity.


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