Grunt’s Saturday Late Night (OK, Sunday Night) Movie Micro Review – Get the Gringo

Reprinted from my post at back in 2012 because I just saw it again, and Mel is a genius. And not just because I’ve been hitting the Bourbon. Quentin Tarantino couldn’t make a movie like this if he was sober for a decade.

I was skeptical when I saw the trailer.  But, this is one you have to see, especially if you’re a guy.  Sure, there are lots of “guy movies” made by feminized, lefty producers and directors who want to outlaw guns, but then put lots of guns and femsploitation in their movies.  Hypocrites.  But nobody makes a real man movie like Mel.  Think what you will of him.  He’s probably an idiot, but no one can dispute that he’s also a genius, and a man’s man.  This movie may have gone to DVD and full-length YouTube with lightning speed, but it was filmed mostly in Matamoros, Mexico during one of the most violent periods of narco-gang, border violence ever, so you have to give Mel credit for possession of cojones.
He also gave the movie the type of gritty realism, without the heart surgically removed, that only a conservative writer/director can give it.  In fact, if Frank Capra ever made a Mexican Prison movie(he didn’t), this would be it.  Unlike countless, humorless lefty realism attempts that only serve to force a twisted and sterile view of reality upon us, Gringo shows the depth of reality as it truly is, just as Frank Capra showed us in other (perhaps) more wholesome stories, sparing not the sorrow or suffering, but leaving intact the spirit that cannot be fully stamped out, even in the grimmest of places.   And sorry guys; there are prostitutes aplenty in this one, but no nudity. Oh, and extreme language alert:  There’s a reason why the trailer is post-recorded and contains not a word of the original dialogue. Also, the second hand smoke will probably be an issue if you’re sensitive.
Am I suggesting that you put “It’s a Wonderful Life” on the shelf and make this your feel-good Christmas family movie?  No way; although Mrs. Grunt made it all the way through with only a shell-shocked look and a tentative thumbs-up, which is saying a lot, actually.  Me and the youngest son both gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up: for lots of solid laughs, good writing, cliche violations (that’s a good thing) and kick-ass action.  Give it a chance.

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    This is what we at Casa Hyphen call a Dick Flick. 🙂