It’s minus 2 with 15 mph winds

Global Warming death to infidels

I could use some Global Warming right about now.

The Gore-ists who Believe man’s use of fossil fuels is damaging Earth’s climate love to portray themselves as the smart, pro-science people, but a recent study proves the real smarty pants are the Skeptics that the Believers portray as “anti-science.”

A recent study asked 2,000 respondents nine questions about where they thought scientists stand on climate science.

Skeptics got more answers right than Believers did.

One Believer yawned and said so what. Denies are just “choosing to reject those findings, usually for political reasons.”

Uhhhhh … no. When I began to read up on the climate issue, I was completely neutral on the topic. It was the science that convinced me Al Gore is a con artist and the people pushing for so-called climate regulations are faking their “science” to push a political agenda that is deeply anti-human.

Studying the climate issue actually drove me much further to the right politically, not the other way around.


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