Big Fat Brag!

2015_02 18 The Burning Truth banner

One of my blogs was linked by a talk radio host named Casey Hendrickson in his show prep area. Guess who else was linked in that same post? The Blaze. Reason. Americans for Prosperity. And I was first! I am so blushing … but not enough to skip this whole BRAG thing. 🙂


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2 responses to “Big Fat Brag!

  1. Deserved acclaim!

    However, this speaks to one of my long-standing concerns: If PoliNation hits the big time, will commenters have to start behaving ourselves?

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  2. I’m with Mindful. This could be a bad thing if it forces us to behave like professionals! Kidding! Congratulations, Chrissy! The conservatives in my home state (Indiana) love you!

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