King Obama vs. Constitutional Scholar Obama

2015_02 Irony Man

The U.S. Constitution requires the combined agreement of the House, the Senate and the President to make, change or strike down a law. The only one of these three that can be ignored is the last one; if the President vetoes a law, Congress can still pass it, if there are enough votes. But nothing, Nothing, NOTHING gives any president the right to unilaterally make, change or strike down a law.  The law may be the law, but the Obama administration is still going to appeal the injunction and try to force King Obama’s decree on us.  The case will now move to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

Ted Cruz on The Kelly File



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  1. Great post and graphic, Chrissy!


  2. Ting

    Irony Man is also in need of a heart. And a brain, and courage, and let’s help him go home, too, while we are at it. To Kansas? He has kinfolk there, too, I think.


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