MEDIA FAIL: The Scott Walker College Exposé

The same people going after Walker now let Obama completely off the hook.

2015_02 College records MEDIA FAIL

The college careers of presidential candidates were staples during the 2000 and 2004 elections. Then in 2008, even as they were mocking Sarah Palin’s academic career, the media gave Obama a total pass.

And in 2012, when it was clear that Mitt Romney had far superior academic credentials than Barack Obama, the media just waved their royal hands over the issue of academics, declared it a non-issue, and focused on dog crates on the top of the car and binders full of women.

The Walker Probe has now delved deeply (2,000 words worth) into the Big Mystery of why Scott dropped out before graduating. (He got a good job offer and took it.)

Somehow, though, the media never pestered Obama about why he went to Occidental College in Los Angeles for two years after graduating from a highly respected private school in Hawaii. Could it be that his high school grades were lousy and he had to go to a nothing much school to get them up before he could transfer to Columbia in 1981?

That would be my guess. But we can’t really know, can we, seeing as Mr. Transparency on His High Moral Horse had his academic records sealed.

The Walker probe is also hot on the trail of such uber important scandals as his regular tardiness to French class and his reluctance to get into arguments with the liberals in his politics classes. Yet it was of no interest to this same media that none of the 400 people in Obama’s class at Columbia remembered him. At all.

Meanwhile, in Leftie Hypocrisy Land …

Sheila Jackson Lee has a degree from Yale



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3 responses to “MEDIA FAIL: The Scott Walker College Exposé

  1. These crack college record investigative reporters must have been tied up and held hostage in Gitmo for the last 7 years! My goodness, maybe they can go look at Hillary’s Masters thesis now that they’re free?!?

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  2. Calling it an “exposé” is more than a little bit silly, since Gov. Walker has never made any secret of the fact that he does not have a college degree. And even if he did, what difference, at this point, does it make? George W. Bush, you will recall, held not one, but two university degrees — a bachelor’s and a master’s — both of them from Ivy League schools that most Americans could not even get into, let alone graduate from — and the progressive intelligentsia still labeled him an idiot. Gov. Walker could hold doctorates from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, and Dartmouth, and the left would still insist that he is a moron.

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