JUST KIDDING;I don’t know who this Gary character is or why progs are dampening their underwear in anticipation of throwing down fifty bucks for tickets and popcorn to see whatever it is this Gary does. My beloved child bride and I went to a movie last year and may not go to another for years. We have all the premium channels and anything we want to see will be there eventually. I just have a problem paying money to see a bunch of high school dropouts making millions of dollars saying lines somebody else wrote and thinking that makes their political opinion superior to everybody else’s.

We’re having a movie night tomorrow night all right,with our favorite overnight guests,Miss Isabel and Miss Olivia. We’ll either watch Frozen, Planes ,or my favorite, Over The Hedge. Their favorite tape,actually,is a VHS I have of Christmas cartoons from the 30’s and 40’s. They watch it almost every time they’re here. We’ll enjoy their favorite supper,hot dogs and mac and cheese,then they’ll cuddle with grandma (I’m not as upholstered as she is) and have the kind of good time money can’t buy.I can’t ask for any more.

Here is a review of ‘Fifty Shades’…apparently they spelled the name wrong. There are pictures in the article,but I won’t post any. They’re not worth the bandwidth.

‘Nobody sweats, nobody strains… nobody orgasms’: Frustrated movie critics want MORE sex in Fifty Shades of Grey as flaccid flick fails to get them hot under the collar
Critics said tame feature film, out on February 13, was ‘run of the mill’
One pointed out that lead Jamie Dornan mostly keeps his pants on
BDSM props deployed on Dakota Johnson were also termed ‘vanilla’
It was often remarked that EL James novels were far more explicit

BoB has too much class to brag on her grandson,Kiran. I however,do not suffer such an affliction. Her precious is already a month old. And,I trust,spoiled rotten. This is what life is all about.



That’s better





I did this when I was unhitching my fishing partner’s boat once. The pain was exquisite.






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  1. Pistol Pete

    As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit

    They have dug as far back as his junior high school days when he talked about being a Boy Scout.He left college early to join the Red cross,and now the the same people who are busily giving him a high colonic are the same pricks who never batted an eye when Barry had all his records sealed by court order before he ran for office.There is nothing that says he ever even went to class.

    Walker clearly liked college politics more than college itself. He had managed to line up 47 campaign endorsements, including ones from the ski team and the varsity chorus, but he had trouble showing up on time for French.
    The entire article is a vicious hit piece.Its going to get much worse because they’re truly afraid of this man because he won’t play by their rules.


  2. Pistol Pete

    TheDC: Anti-Fox News Ed Schultz Begged for Job at Fox in 2008

    TheDC’s Betsy Rothstein reports:

    “Ed Schultz would like to bring his considerable talents to FOX News Channel preferably in Washington,” [Schultz’ representative] Michael Queen wrote Ailes on April 22, 2008. “He would be great in Washington and great on Fox News Channel.”

    The letter, obtained exclusively by this reporter, concluded, “Some network is sure to sign this former All American quarterback either as a commentator or show host, why not FOX?”


  3. Pistol Pete

    Ben Shapiro: Why Jews Vote Leftist?
    Easy…they’re liberals first and Jews second.


  4. Pistol Pete

    Senate Dems Using Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Departure As A Fundraising Ploy…


  5. Pistol Pete

    Federal Election Commission to Consider Regulating Online Political Speech
    Last October, FEC Chairwoman Ann Ravel issued a statement in which she complained that the agency was not doing enough to monitor activity on the Internet.

    “Some of my colleagues seem to believe that the same political message that would require disclosure if run on television should be categorically exempt from the same requirements when placed on the Internet alone. As a matter of policy, this simply does not make sense,” Ravel said.

    this is the bitch who wants to regulate what I say.She can kiss my dimpled,cellulite laden posterior.Twice.


  6. Clever! Is that really a pic of Kiran? He’s adorable!


  7. Pistol Pete

    Anti suicide bombing in English


  8. Pistol Pete

    Chicago Community Organized Little League Team Jackie Robinson West Stripped Of Championship Title

    A Little League team that captured the attention of the nation and the hearts of its hometown was stripped of its national title Wednesday after an investigation revealed that team officials had falsified boundaries so they could add ineligible players to the roster.

    Only last summer, the all-black Jackie Robinson West team was the toast of Chicago and was honored with trips to San Francisco and to the White House.

    Jesse Jackass dashed in front of the cameras and vowed his Rainbow Push Crime Syndicate would boycott these white racists.
    This was the topic of discussion this morning on 670 The Score radio from Chicago.The kids may or may not have realized they were cheating but the adults surely did.

    U.S. Little League champs stripped of title thanks to coach they beat, 43-2

    According to Evergreen Park officials — the neighboring league which caught on to the illegal roster — Jackie Robinson West spent their 2014 “manipulating, bending and blatantly breaking the rules for the sole purpose of winning at all costs.” This resulted in a 43-2 beatdown for Evergreen Park over just four innings at the hands of Jackie Robinson West during the sectional playoffs portion of the Little League season.
    The coach is reportedly getting death threats.Wonder when Jesse will bring a busload of rent-a-mobsters to picket outside his house.

    You had regular 12 year olds facing kids 6 feet tall who could throw nearly 70MPH.


  9. Pistol Pete

    Unbelievable – U.S. Marines Departing Yemen Embassy Forced To Destroy Weapons By State Department Order…

    The U.S. State Department ordered our U.S. marines to destroy their military weapons at the Yemen embassy prior to leaving. The marine detachment was then forced to destroy their personal weapons as a contingency for being allowed aboard a contracted evacuation flight. The servicemen and servicewomen were left without any form of protection.
    Not to worry,guys…Obama says violence is against their religion,so theres no danger.Right?Right?


    • This is a pretty bizarre situation over there, and a huge embarrassment for the Obama Administration, but I don’t know that you can trust Sundance’s reporting on it. For one thing, he lies almost as much as Brian Williams. For another thing, he’s not smart enough to know the difference between the phrase “as a condition” and “as a contingency.” But I won’t preach any more about that. 😉


  10. Pistol Pete

    Charlie Rangel Tweets Hilariously Ridiculous Pic Of Himself Trying To Act All Tough Towards Netanyahu…
    The tax-cheating,pencil-dicked turd is still wearing a mood ring while trying to play the pathetic.
    What a badass.

    “Bibi: If you have a problem with our POTUS’s foreign policy meet me at AIPAC but not on the House floor.”


  11. Pistol Pete



  12. Pistol Pete

    Philadelphia Chosen For 2016 Democratic National Convention

    “After much buildup and very careful consideration over which city will host our 2016 Democratic National Convention, I’m pleased to announce that we’ll nominate the next president of the United States in Philadelphia – the City of Brotherly Love,” Democratic Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in an email to supporters.

    “We’re going to have a great time together come July 2016 in Philadelphia.
    Ahh…Philadelphia;that crotch of liberal fraud where a statistically impossible 58 precincts did not record a single vote for Romney.Where republican observers were locked out of polling places and forced to get a court order,buying the democrats enough time to record the pre-loaded votes and delete them before anybody could find out.
    They deserve each other.


  13. Pistol Pete

    Police Help Hard-Walkin’ Detroiter Move To Safer Home After Moochers Hit Him Up For Money
    Care to bet how much of the cash he got was donated by those evil,white conservatives?Liberals don’t give…they take.

    This problem may be more pervasive in the black culture.Recall all the athletes who sign big money contracts and five years after their career is over they’re bankrupt.The leeches feed off the host until it dies then they move on.
    The Detroiter who stunned the world with Olympian walks to his suburban factory job — and stunned himself by attracting gifts of a new car and $350,000 in donations — abruptly moved Tuesday to a location he felt was safer, police said.

    James Robertson, 56, was helped by Detroit police to move just minutes after crime-prevention specialists offered him temporary living quarters, Detroit police Capt. Aric Tosqui said.
    Driving Robertson’s decision was news that last week Detroit police arrested a man charged in the killing of an 86-year-old Detroiter who disappeared in December, three days after the elderly man was said to have won $20,000 in a lottery game, police said.


  14. Pistol Pete

    Boehner: Senate Dems Must ‘Get Off Their Ass’
    You’re pissing in the wind,Johnny Boy.The democrats will not fund DHS because they plan to shut down the government.Their whores in the media will,of course,blame you.They always do.


  15. Pistol Pete

    True Lies
    A great piece by VDH

    Former CBS anchorman Dan Rather tried to pass off fake memos as authentic evidence about former President George W. Bush’s supposedly checkered National Guard record.

    CNN news host Fareed Zakaria, who recently interviewed President Obama, was caught using the written work of others as if it were his own. He joins a distinguished array of accused plagiarists, from historian Doris Kearns Goodwin to columnist Maureen Dowd.
    What are the consequences of lying about or exaggerating one’s past or stealing the written work of others?

    It depends.


  16. Pistol Pete

    Sen. Jeff Flake Lays Out Plan For GOP To Cave To Obama’s Amnesty

    In a lengthy Senate floor speech on Wednesday, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ)—a member of the “Gang of Eight” amnesty group from last Congress that failed to get its bill through both chambers—said that Republicans shouldn’t “poke the president in the eye” by fighting to stop his executive amnesty.

    We never stood a chance.


  17. Pistol Pete

    David Axelrod on Palin: She Was An ‘Energy Drink’ For the McCain Campaign in 2008
    Too bad that little crapweasel was more interested in hurting his running mate for being head and shoulders more popular than he was instead of trying to beat the Nubian Nitwit.
    Alexrod talks to Chris Matthews tonight on Hardball about how Palin injected enthusiasm into the McCain campaign in 2008 and actually had Team Obama concerned coming out of the convention when polling showed the race even (until Lehman Bros. collapse on Sept 15th)

    David Axelrod says Palin ‘shook things up’ in the 2008 race because of the ‘energy’ she brought. He says the way she spoke to working class Americans made her ‘potent’ on the campaign trail


  18. chrissythehyphenated

    SYNONYMS bwahahahahaha!!!


  19. Jane Dough

    Beef strokin’ off — definitely today’s keeper!! Well, that and “my dimpled,cellulite laden posterior” … thank god no visual aids on the latter.