Laffing at Lyin’ Brian

Lyin' Brian - Vets' version

NBC’s Lyin’ Brian Williams deserves to be mocked for repeatedly claiming to have been shot down in Iraq by an RPG when all that really happened is that he saw a chopper on the ground that had an RPG rammed up its butt and took a photo of it.

Lyin' Brian - beheaded

More Brian Williams Exaggerations – CONAN on TBS

Lyin' Brian - Jesse Owens

Nightly News Spoof with Ben Howe and Dana Loesch

Lyin' Brian - moon

Other famous Lyin’ Democrats who deserve to be mocked into obscurity …

Bill Clinton: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

Anthony Wiener: “I did not send that photo.”

Brian Williams has all the credibility of Colonel Keaton, but none of the cute.

Family Ties – Colonel Keaton

Our troops deserve better than the likes of Lyin’ Brian and his Lyin’ Democrat Comrades

John Kerry

Hillary Clinton

Richard Blumenthal

Lyin' Brian - GI Joe

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2 responses to “Laffing at Lyin’ Brian

  1. LOLOL! Dana and Ben sure put that segment together fast.