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Lefties abuse truth and the sheep go effing baaa

2015_02 06 False headline

Leftist sheep-tweeters reacted to the headline without bothering to read the article which was, no doubt, the point cuz, you know, the foul-mouthed haters gotta get their daily dose of hate.

  • What. The. Fuck.
  • What. The. Actual. Fuck.
  • Fuck this asshole
  • Are you fucking serious???
  • Sick Bastard!!!
  • #Republican scum LOVES rape.
  • Another dickhead conservative who will be going straight to hell.
  • Why do men AND many are Republican..say this idiotic shit!!!? Maybe y’all need to be raped.
  • Fuck him. His parents were probably brother and sister.
  • Hope he gets raped.
  • This guy deserves to get raped.
  • Are you friggen kidding me!!! All these guys should be lined up in a row and raped repeatedly by some big fat…
  • His parents should’ve aborted him
  • Paying for a damn rape baby for 20 years what the fuck is wrong with men?

I want to apologize for that last one to all those beautiful people who were not murdered for being the innocent bystanders to rape.

ABORTION which was rape


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The Crusades: History vs. Obama’s High Horse Pucky

2015_02 Obama names Christianity but not Islam

As we have seen many times, there is no moment so grave that our current president will not to use it to get up on his high horse, take a shot at Western civilization, and emphasize his own moral superiority. … No littler man has ever been president.” – David Gelernter

  • On Tuesday, ISIS posted a video of themselves burning a Jordanian pilot alive in a steel cage.
  • On Tuesday, President Obama condemned the murder and said it “just indicates the degree to which, whatever ideology they’re operating off of, it’s bankrupt.”
  • On Wednesday, the United Nations issued a report detailing ISIS crimes including “mass executions of boys, as well as reports of beheadings, crucifixions of children, and burying children alive.”
  • On Thursday, President Obama used his time at the National Prayer Breakfast to criticize the “terrible deeds” committed “in the name of Christ.”

Fox News: Kelly Files clip – Obama has never once condemned crimes committed “in the name of Mohammed”

Bernard Lewis, the greatest living English-language historian of Islam said, “The Crusades could more accurately be described as a limited, belated and, in the last analysis, ineffectual response to the jihad — a failed attempt to recover by a Christian holy war what had been lost to a Muslim holy war.”

Crusades Muslim vs Christian

“In his ignorant and bigoted remarks to religious leaders this week, President Obama parroted the jihadi propaganda [that blames] the cultural incompetence, practical indolence, and spiritual decay of the entire Middle East [on] Richard Coeur de Lion’s twelfth-century swordplay.” – Ralph Peters

PIG Islam

We are all descended from cavemen who broke the skulls of their enemies with rocks for fun or profit. But that hardly mitigates the crimes of a man who does the same thing today. I see no problem judging the behavior of the Islamic State and its apologists from the vantage point of the West’s high horse, because we’ve earned the right to sit in that saddle.” – Jonah Goldberg



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Whatever the controversy is between Democrats and Republicans

2015_02 05 Crock pot murder

“Whatever the controversy is”?

Doesn’t that sound exactly like Obama’s mealy-mouthed description of what motivates ISIS?

Funny how these “empathetic” Leftists are always very VERY clear about what motivates Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Right Wingnuts, Christians and Israelis, isn’t it?


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Texting hubby

Text marriage

I am breathless and weepy with laughter!  Not sure if the singles or the guys will think it’s all that funny, but for you wives …. it’s a must read!

I Can Sum Up Marriage In These 11 Texts I’ve Sent My Husband By Susannah B. Lewis

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Satan lays another brick in the road to the End Times

Canada’s Supreme Court just legalized assisted suicide. In five minutes, the “assisted” who want to die will be out-numbered by the “it’s just something to help you sleep” people that OTHER people are tired of caring for.

Assisted suicide elder abuse

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This is my favorite day to post. Sure there’s plenty going on,most of it outrageous,traitorous and downright disgusting. Maybe Mindful or Grunt could add some of the stuff.
A thought occurred to me yesterday….
We seem to be like the characters in the Archie comic books.
I thought today might be a good day for some redneck funnies.Enjoy.






Modification of above by CtH ;o)

Hukd on fonix




redneck car alarm





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20 Years of Employment-Population Ratio data, Correlated with Majority Party, Jan 1995 – Jan 2015

Employment-Population Ratio and Averages by Majority Party, Jan 1995 - Jan 2015

{Click on graph or here to enlarge}

More data analysis here


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