Up, up and awayyyyyyyy with Captain Underpants!

Obama Underpants

From Fox News Update: “There’s chutzpah and then there’s being self-deluded. President Obama appeared to veer toward the latter when he vowed to ‘redouble vigilance’ against ISIS in the wake of the Islamist militant’s latest and most depraved atrocity, burning alive a pilot from a key member of the U.S.-coalition fighting the group.”

Here’s a news flash, Cockroach-IN-Chief: Your “vigilance” toward militant Islamic terrorism was ZERO. ZERO times TWO was ZERO. Redoubling it still equals ZERO.

Cockroach IN Chief

Also from Fox News Update: “The president wouldn’t say the name of ‘radical Islam’ and instead chose to be facile in denouncing ‘whatever ideology they are operating off of’ as ‘bankrupt’. Hmmm. Which ideology is it again? Are they feminists? Dadaists? Jacobites? Maybe Jedis?”

Probably Right-Wingnut, Climate-Denying, Tea Party-ists. If you doubt me, ask Brian Williams. He never ever lies about anything.

Muslim terrorists

Now comes word that Obama chose the National Prayer Breakfast to rant at American Christians about not getting all high-moral-horsey about ISIS atrocities because, you know, the Crusades and slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Ummmmmmmmmmm … Muslims invaded Christian nations. Last I heard, even Democrats didn’t have a problem with people defending themselves from aggression.

Truth about the Crusades

As for slavery, Christians ended it while Muslims still practice it. And don’t get me started on Jim Crow laws (and the KKK) which were, you know, entirely a DEMOCRAT phenomenon.

Now … if you wanna talk about whose moral horses actually ARE higher:

2015_02 James Woods on burned pilot

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