In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Big Brother restricted people’s ability to think by eliminating words from the language.

2015_01 30 Army chinks in armor - pc gone wild

I love the one that says, “Um, excuse me, experts. We no longer refer to foreign people in such derogatory terms.” BWAHAHAHA!! “Chinks in armor” BWAHAHAHA!! Yes, I can just imagine the terrible time the Army is having with all those itty bitty Asians infesting their spec ops armor. BWAHAHAHA!


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4 responses to “Newspeak

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    The Left realizes too late that Political Correctness is a virus that is eating their movement from within.


    • That is good fun. 🙂
      In the “politically correct” settings that Chait and DeBoer are describing, no sooner has a freethinking person started to say, “Well, I think” — than a grotty little pop-up box has appeared to interrupt him with a stream of tosh. “Error 349xxf9: Privileges unchecked,” a typical response might read. Or, if we are dealing with a more serious case: “Error 948xxer11: Tolerance Level Low: Fault at LGBT Sector Cis*Trans*Kin: Intersectionality Improperly Allied.”


  2. that chinks in the armour is just too funny. The racists think that everyone else is racist.

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