Mascot Update

Q. Where do the moose cross the road?

A. Anywhere they want to.

2015_01 28 Moose crossing

Bunny spends a lot of time doing creative play with the dolls in her doll house. Lil Buzz has been tracing numbers and shapes quite a bit during work sessions at school lately — working on holding marker correctly, as well as controlling movement. Check out his rectangle!

2015_01 28 W&A

Mama Buzz has been so excited to discover that switching to kombucha has totally cured her of her cravings for diet soda. Her latest fun discovery is that mixing booch with fruit juice makes a really healthy, totally delicious fruit spritzer.

2015_01 Super easy juice spritzer by L


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  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Beautiful letter from an autistic boy about why he avoids eye contact