Day of Remembrance for our Lost Space Explorers

NASA Chief Administrator Charles Bolden, January 28, 2015:

Today we remember and give thanks for the lives and contributions of those who gave all trying to push the boundaries of human achievement. On this solemn occasion, we pause in our normal routines and remember the STS-107 Columbia crew; the STS-51L Challenger crew; the Apollo 1 crew; Mike Adams, the first in-flight fatality of the space program as he piloted the X-15 No. 3 on a research flight; and those lost in test flights and aeronautics research throughout our history.

Image of Michael J. Adams, X-15 pilot courtesy of NASA.


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2 responses to “Day of Remembrance for our Lost Space Explorers

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Thank you, Grunt. When the Challenger exploded, I was in the middle of 3 weeks of intensive allergy testing at an Environmental Control Unit. It was such a shock to see it happen on the television screen.


    • That’s a rough place to get bad news. I still remember where I was, too. Gruntessa and I were processing wind tunnel data in a cockroach infested apartment out by the Purdue University airport. They tore the married student apartments down a long time ago, and hopefully, the cockroaches didn’t just move on to somebody else’s place.