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Day of Remembrance for our Lost Space Explorers

NASA Chief Administrator Charles Bolden, January 28, 2015:

Today we remember and give thanks for the lives and contributions of those who gave all trying to push the boundaries of human achievement. On this solemn occasion, we pause in our normal routines and remember the STS-107 Columbia crew; the STS-51L Challenger crew; the Apollo 1 crew; Mike Adams, the first in-flight fatality of the space program as he piloted the X-15 No. 3 on a research flight; and those lost in test flights and aeronautics research throughout our history.

Image of Michael J. Adams, X-15 pilot courtesy of NASA.


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I’m up.  Finally.  At least for now.  My bed and I have been spending some Quantity Time together the past few days.  Yesterday’s Big Excitement was to feel well enough to take a shower and change into a fresh nightie.  Any prayers you got to spare would be most appreciated.


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This is my fourth Super Bowl here with you. Every year I search for the best commercials since,let’s face it,a lot of non-football fans tune in just for the ads. I looked through a LOT of videos yesterday and,maybe I’m getting old and cranky,but there just weren’t as many really good ads as there usually are. There’s a gay commercial,a lesbian one,and a GoDaddy commercial where Danica Patrick is getting a massage while being hit on by another woman. I’m no prude,but it seemed there were a lot of scantily-clad women and suggestive advertising which didn’t seem appropriate for viewing by small children. It just seems to me that a lot of advertising executives take the age-old canard that sex sells and push the envelope as far as they think they dare.

Coca Cola has a couple ads that look like they’re taken from this BLR:

This is the one everybody is hyping as “too hot for TV”…I just think it’s stupid

I’m posting some more in the reply section.


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