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Surprise! – The SUN Masterfully Punks UK Feminists on Page 3

I can’t put it any better than the Stoat Weasel did this morning: (Sweasel.com is the blog of an American woman ex-patriot living in darkest England.  Uncle B is her husband.  I think.  Bowdlerization by Grunt)

winking-pin-upOh, well played, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun. Well played.

To be fair, they didn’t actually say they were shutting down Page 3, but they strongly suggested such. Then they went all modest (if underthings and bikinis can be called modest) for a couple of days. And now, the [boobies] are back!

It’s been dee-lightful to watch this play out all day.

First the howling shrews of the Perpetually Offended Brigade were all like WE WON! And then they were all like, we won, I guess, but it doesn’t feel that satisfying, really. And now they’re all like WTF! WE DIDN’T WIN!?

The sweetest part? Today’s [boobies] ran under the headline CLARIFICATIONS AND CORRECTIONS. I wouldn’t have realized this if Uncle B hadn’t told me: that’s the header from the ultra-lefty Guardian‘s correction column.

Read more at the Weasel Times. Or go here to the SUN’s “Clarifications” page.

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Yemen, Crown Jewel of Obama’s Middle East Policy, Descends Into Chaos

In the wake of the total surrender of the Yemeni government to Iran-allied Houthi rebels, the U.S. State Department has had only one profoundly unhelpful message: We don’t know what we’re doing, and neither do you, so refrain from speculating about it. This message was delivered to Washington reporters by seasoned State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki as the resignation of Yemeni President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi (pictured) was unfolding and his home was being shelled. As quoted by the New York Times: “We’re not in a position — and I don’t think any of you are either — to assess what it means at this point in time.”
Despite Jen’s terse instructions not to think about it, I’d wager there are many good conclusions that we can draw from the events in Yemen. One is the simple fact that this is a spectacular failure for the Obama White House and its policies in the Middle East. The other is the nature of the striking betrayal that happened in the final hours of the collapse. According to Sebastian Usher, BBC:

The resignation of the Yemeni president and his government is likely to plunge an already unstable country into uncharted territory.

It comes just a day after a deal was announced between the president and the Houthi rebels that was meant to paper over the sharpest edges of the current crisis.

The rebels received the concessions they demanded. For their part, they were meant to withdraw from the presidential palace and from Mr Hadi’s own house, as well as releasing a presidential aide they abducted last week.

They have done none of this. Mr Hadi and his government say they cannot continue under such conditions. Yemen was already close to chaos – now it seems it has no president and no government.

I’m not referring to the obvious betrayal of the Houthi rebels. Everyone knew they would not keep any agreements after they had gained the upper hand militarily. What I mean by betrayal is that Hadi’s government followed the recipe of appeasement that the U.S. State Department forced on them. Giving the rebels everything they wanted and then expecting them to back off was Obama’s strategy, and the Hadi government followed the script to perfection. Now they have paid for it with their utter destruction. My question is, who will hold the U.S. State Department accountable for this failure? The Yemeni government that they supported is now in no position to do so.
Cross-posted at Diogenes and Blog of Monte Cristo.

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I thought I’d do this since today is the March For Life in D.C.

It hardly seems possible,but our very own Bluebird has officially been a grandma for 12 days. I feel fairly confident in stating that she and all the other relatives are well on the way to spoiling this little one rotten.


Stop and ponder for a moment that 12 days ago the president would have had no problem seeing this little life ended.If that doesn’t infuriate you I don’t know what else to say.







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A few thoughts about Pope Francis

2015_01 Pope in Manila w Chesterton quot

I can hardly recall a papal visit which has touched upon so many hot topics and ignited so much controversy as Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines. You would almost think the Pope had just issued an encyclical, when actually most of what he did was talk to reporters on a plane.

The reactions have been visceral at times. For instance, what the Pope said in support of Humanae Vitae caused one feminist commentator at Crux News to declare she was “devastated“.

My first reaction to reading the Pope’s comments on free speech and Islam was to throw my hands up in the air and declare them a “mess.” I didn’t feel devastated, but I sure felt frustrated.

On top of this, the Pope roundly warned against the threats posed by gay marriage and skipped numerous opportunities to bring up climate change, against what major newspapers had predicted. You can bet lots of reporters and liberal Catholics felt frustrated, even devastated by this.

Read the rest of “Feeling Devastated by What Pope Francis Says? Try These 3 Helpful Keys.” By Thomas Peters
@ http://www.catholicvote.org/3-rules-to-avoid-feeling-devastated-by-what-pope-francis-says/

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Happy Anniversary (not)

58 Million unborn babies have been legally slaughtered in the 42 years since Roe v. Wade. Please pray for those who are braving the weather to protest abortion in D.C. today, especially my Dearest who has a cold, but went anyway. I’m hoping he doesn’t come home with pneumonia.

2015_01 20 SOTU Dems and abortion

The Democrats’ two-faced hypocrisy was on display this week, as Obama claimed in the SOTU that the lives of all children matter.  Obama has promised to veto a ban on abortion after 20 weeks, because unborn children feel intense pain as they are poisoned and/or dismembered (literally torn limb from limb) to death.

The latest Quinnipiac poll found that the vast majority of Americans are very far to the right of Obama and the Democrats on abortion.

  • 84% believe there should be significant restrictions and safe guards, including limits to within the first three months of pregnancy, allowed only in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother, or never permitted.
  • 84% believe that laws can exist which would protect, both the health and well-being of a woman and the rights of the unborn.
  • 78% support requiring parental notification before a minor can obtain an abortion.
  • 68% oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.
  • 59% believe abortion does a woman more harm than good in the long run.
  • 57% support the conscience rights of health professionals to refuse to participate in or refer patients for abortions.

As noted in the graphic, the Democrat Party Platform on Abortion specifically rejects any and all restrictions, while strongly supporting forcing taxpayers to finance abortions regardless of their religious or conscience objections to the procedure.

About those late term abortions

Whenever we try to talk about how late abortions are excruciatingly painful for the unborn, Democrats pull long faces and beat their breasts about fetal abnormalities and maternal health. But a recent study of why women chose to have late term abortions demonstrated the Democrats’ reasons are mosly political posturing and b.s.

The real reasons that most women choose a late abortion are social – e.g., unemployment, relationship instability, money problems. In addition, the decision to abort did not remedy these problems, but in many cases made them worse.



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