2014 probably NOT hottest year on record

The mainstream media has spent the past few days doing a victory dance in the endzone because of the announcement that 2014 was the hottest year on record based on instrument observations that the earth’s temperature might have increased by a factor of two-hundreths of a degree centrigrade with a margin of error of a tenth of a degree centigrade.

Re-read that last bit …

“might have increased by 2/100ths of a degree with a MOE of 1/10th of a degree.”

IOW, the Margin Of Error is GINORMOUS compared with the picayune little MAYBE increase. In fact, given HOW ginormous, the temperature could’ve just as easily gone DOWN.

But the Lamestream Media never lets pesky facts get in the way of political certitudes; hence, the overblown “it’s official” and “hottest year ever recorded.”

The worst example I saw was “Last year was the hottest in earth’s recorded history.” Talk about misleading! “Earth’s recorded history” suggests all the thousands of years that we have recorded HISTORY, when what it actually meant is all the years since we started using thermometers to record temperature. It’s only a teensy weensy difference between:

  • 6,000 years for recorded history and
  •      164 years for recorded temperatures.

Plus, the NASA scientists who were cited in these grossly biased reports say they are only 38% certain that 2014 was the hottest year. IOW, they’re 62% certain it probably wasn’t.

GORE and glaciers


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