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Duffel Blog Comes Out with Tactical Tomahawk Parody Just in Time for Grunt to Use it to Shame His Son, Who Carried One Through TSA Security at DIA This Weekend

Just today, Monday, the Duffel Blog posted an amusing parody about an intelligence officer at Bagram Airfield who finally discarded enough essential equipment from his tactical vest to find a place to put his 16″ tactical tomahawk, which of course, is much more critical than a first aid kit or extra ammo.
But the awesome thing about this blog post is that it comes just in time to use against my son, who flies back into town tonight from a training trip. You see, when he left town last week, he was carrying a lot of tactical gear, including firearms locked in hard cases to be checked with the airline. But the really fun thing is that he apparently forgot to take the tactical tomahawk out of his carry-on backpack before attempting to clear TSA security at Denver International Airport. This is not something I advise any readers to do if they value their freedom or dignity. If you choose to do such a thing, I highly advise that you do it while part of a large group of other men dressed in similar tactical gear. That intimidates the TSA just enough to forget that they’re supposed to treat you like a “lone wolf” terrorist and you might barely escape without an anal probing.

The downside to traveling in such a group, as my son found out, is that your unit will not fail to notice that you’ve done one of the most bonehead things they’ve ever seen, and you will be doing pushups until you can’t move and buying everybody steak dinners for a very long time.  And then, after all that, you get home, and your dad gets to give you crap about how you’ve “dishonored the family” and make you fetch beers from the fridge downstairs for hours.  I can’t wait.

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It gets sickening,but it works on the LIVs,so the left will ride this tried and true Trojan Horse for decades to come,thanks to our education rendering our children into automatons incapable of independent thought. Democrats,especially black ones,use the memory of Rev. King to justify their own racism,while perverting his most basic tenet… judging people by their character instead of their race. With leftists,race is the first and practically only consideration. It’s their stock in trade. Their voters are so inherently lazy that if they don’t keep them angry at something,even if it’s blatantly false, they’d never motivate them to be professional voters.

The most infuriating thing,to me,is that MLK would be shunned by the left and we all know it. First,he was a republican. Second,he preached love,not hate; peace,not intolerance. I cannot get the image of Jesse Jackass dipping his shirt in a pool of Rev. King’s blood in May,1968 and waving it like a flag,announcing himself as a standard bearer for what would become a booming race-baiting profession.

Black Caucus members invoke MLK at Ferguson church service

Leading black members of Congress took to a church pulpit in Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday to trace a direct link from Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy to the fight for criminal justice reform after recent fatal police shootings across the U.S.

Rep. William Lacy Clay Jr. spoke to parishioners at Wellspring United Methodist Church, just blocks from where violent protests broke out after a Ferguson officer shot 18-year-old Michael Brown and again after a grand jury declined to indict the officer.




Orca,the Killer Ho,decided she had enough money to throw away half her audience when she fell to slobbering over a bag of nothing named Barry Obama. Then all the racialists were in a snit because there were no actors nominated for an Oscar that looked like him. As an aside,both ‘Selma’ and ‘American Sniper’ debuted this weekend. Selma grossed $32 million; Sniper made over $90 M.

Oprah Winfrey, ‘Selma’ Team to March in Alabama for Martin Luther King Jr.



Not Just a Movie

It’s not very often I reference anything from the NY Slimes,especially Maureen Dowd. At Free Republic,any reference to MoDo must be accompanied by pictures of Catherine Zeta-Jones,who Michael Douglas latched onto and summarily threw MoDo over the side. She’s been a bitter,drunken waste of time ever since. Her column is mostly in praise of this perversion of the facts surrounding the March to Selma,but there was this:

Many of the teenagers by me bristled at the power dynamic between the men. It was clear that a generation of young moviegoers would now see L.B.J.’s role in civil rights through DuVernay’s lens.

And that’s a shame. I loved the movie and find the Oscar snub of its dazzling actors repugnant. But the director’s talent makes her distortion of L.B.J. more egregious. Artful falsehood is more dangerous than artless falsehood, because fewer people see through it.

DuVernay told Rolling Stone that, originally, the script was more centered on the L.B.J.-M.L.K. relationship and was “much more slanted to Johnson.”

“I wasn’t interested in making a white-savior movie,” she said.

That should tell you all you need to know.



Michael Moore Spits on Corpse of American Hero Chris Kyle – Praises Iraqis Who Killed Americans

Warner Bros. is reporting that American Sniper is set to post a Friday-through-Sunday of $90.2M with a cume to date of $93.6M. By tomorrow, with the MLK holiday, the Village Roadshow co-prod cume is looking to post a four-day of $105.2M and an overall cume of $108.6M. Unheard of for any wide release at this time of year. What record did the movie American Sniper NOT break?

This news prompted America-hater and leftist hero Michael Moore to tweet out this:

My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes. And invaders r worse




Michael Moore Calls Kyle a Coward, but had Nine Bodyguards



Michael Moore, a lefty troll most people forgot even existed, made headlines for calling Chris Kyle a coward. Moore however is a profile in courage. After making the anti-American movie Fahrenheit 9/11 for which he was reviled by everyone from author Ray Bradbury on down, he claimed to have nine bodyguards.

In one of his books, he described the men as ex-Navy SEALS.










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Climate Alarmism: Lying with statistics

When temp records began

These aren’t the only years or headlines that use deceptive language and inaccurate data to hype Climate Alarmism. They are merely the two I chose as examples. Climate scientists use other means such as ice cores and records of harvest and snow falls to infer temperatures prior to 1850. According to these records, temperatures have been much warmer than they are now.

Global temps over past 11 millenia



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Para-medical tattoos

Para medical tattoo

OIL BURN camouflage with Para-medical Tattoo Seen on CNN

Tattoo camouflages scars and burns

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Glorify God in Your Body

2015_01 18 St. Nicholas santuary North Pole AK

Do you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

I love whenever people start talking about the Christian faith as it relates to the body. Unlike so many religions that tend to ignore—or even disdain—our bodies, Christianity talks about resurrecting them. Our God was incarnated. We are the body of Christ. We eat the flesh and drink the blood. Specifically Catholic liturgy seeks to engage the body: sights and sounds and smells.

Too often we’re reminded of our bodies negatively: Don’t do this with your body and don’t do that. Gluttony. Lust. Vanity. As though our body is just these troublesome things that we have to lug around everywhere. While it is true that we should guard our bodies from sinful behavior, it’s also important to remember the other side of that coin: your body is a member of Christ. Glorify God with it.

In C. S. Lewis’s book The Screwtape Letters—which if you haven’t read, you certainly certainly should—the demon-narrator Screwtape counsels his nephew Wormwood on how to be an effective demon, and he says this:

At the very least, they can be persuaded that the bodily position makes no difference to their prayers; for they constantly forget, what you must always remember, that they are animals and that whatever their bodies do affects their souls.

Today you will hopefully go to church. And as you bring yourself, physically, into this holy place, remember that you are here to glorify God.

Enter the church. Delight in what you hear and smell and taste and see, and let that delight be a prayer of thanksgiving. And for goodness sake, kneel down.

Glorify God in Your Body: A Meditation on 1 Corinthians 6:13-15, 17-20
by Kate Rhodes @ http://blessedisshe.net/glorify-god-body/


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Latest Islamic Attack Story Turns Out to be a Hoax Aimed at Pope; Fools Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Multiple Other US News Outlets

A PoliNation Exclusive:
The story, as reported, is about an attack by 5 Islamic ‘immigrants’ in the streets of Perugia, Italy near the St. Barnabas shrine. It’s difficult to say exactly where the story started due to a lack of good citations, and it’s still being reported as fact by U.S. news outlets. However, just in the last few hours a blogger named John Liburne and I both noticed that the photo of a smashed Virgin Mary statue accompanying the stories was actually from an attack in Rome in 2011.

All English language reports quote either The Gateway Pundit or the translated story by Raymond Ibrahim which cites a Spanish Language news blurb by Alerta Digital, apparently from Madrid. This appears to be the source of the re-purposed photo from 2011.

The fallout from the hoax is that the story is being used to portray Pope Francis as even more willing to excuse the excesses of violent Islamists than he actually is. That, in turn, is generating actual outrage and hatred directed at the Pontiff, all on account of words that he’s not really said about an event that never really happened. He is already under attack for real statements he’s made about the recent French massacre that seem far too critical of those who insult religion and not critical enough of those who murder cartoonists.

It’s interesting that the story is being repeated by the FreeRepublic, which is a news site that also published the story about the original Rome attack, including the picture of the smashed virgin being passed off now as the statue that was smashed in Perugia. They apparently didn’t remember the photo. But they’re in good company. Megyn Kelly also parroted the story on her website.


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