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Gawker Media owner wants to expand audience

Gawker Media is an online media company and blog network, founded and owned by Nick Denton who styles himself one of those compassionate, open-minded, left-wing liberals.

  • In June 2013, unpaid interns brought a Fair Labor Standards Act action against Denton and Gawker Media, saying their work was “central to Gawker’s business model as an Internet publisher,” and that Gawker’s failure to pay them minimum wage for their work therefore violated the FLSA and state labor laws.
  • In January 2014, Quentin Tarantino filed a copyright lawsuit against Gawker Media for distributing his script for “The Hateful Eight.” He said, “Gawker Media has made a business of predatory journalism, violating people’s rights to make a buck” and that he wouldn’t continue with the movie because of the leak.

In January 2015, Denton said that he knows the company’s audience leans left, that “liberals are only a fifth of the US voting population”, and that he wants to reach more people:

Let’s welcome, if not out-and-out racists, then at least the wide array of people with whom a conversation is possible: national greatness conservatives, Burkean Tories and business pragmatists, for instance; Christians and other spiritual people; economic liberals, libertarians and techno-utopians; and black and other social conservatives.”

He also said he wants to “look beyond our social stata when hiring writers for the company, so they don’t all come from “the same small liberal arts schools.”

2013_08 29 White people are a disgrace

Tweeters responded helpfully with policy and story ideas for Denton:

  • New editorial policy: A 50% reduction in references to conservatives as “f**king r*tards”
  • Something Happened that Was Not Racist or Anti-Gay
  • Some Intelligent People Live in States that Do Not Border an Ocean
  • Watch This Policeman Justifiably Arrest Someone Based on Probable Cause
  • How Free Markets Are Really The Best at Fighting Inequality
  • Why Democrats Hate School Choice

And my personal favorite:

CAT Tyson science



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Hashtags and hugs

This is what passes for “foreign policy” under Barack Obama.

2014_05 09 Bring Back Our Balls

2015_01 16 Kerry hugs it out

2015_01 16 ISIS executions



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Inconvenience for thee, but not for me

2015_01 15 Douchebarrels

One African American man told the Boston Globe, “If these protesters believe that Black lives matter, then they need to stop making us late for work and our other commitments…For many, being late to work is not acceptable and can lead to termination.”

The First Amendment does not protect you from the consequences of your actions. They had the right to protest, but not to impede or endanger others. A total of 29 protesters were arrested and charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and willfully obstructing an emergency vehicle. They pleaded guilty and were released on their own recognizance. Although they were laughing and chatting after leaving the court house, they had no comment for the swarms of reporters waiting to talk to them. In fact, they were quite testy that said reporters were … GASP … blocking their cars!

Hypocrisy much? Reporters who tracked down the protesters at their homes the next day were rebuffed. “Go away.” “This is harassment.” “You’re trespassing.” “I’m not comfortable with this being filmed here.” At least two of the protesters were 20-something white slackers living with their parents in nice houses in upscale neighborhoods.


  • #AccidentLivesDon’tMatter The crowd of me me me strikes again.
  • Two big upsets today. 1) Marty Walsh fired protester who worked for city. 2) A protester had a job.
  • She won’t have to bear the burden of working for the oppressors any more.
  • She was fired for cause = no unemployment. She had too much income last 6 months = no food stamps.
  • It’s funny they depended on the exact system they are “protesting” against to free them up.
  • It’s even funnier that black cops cuffed these all-white protest blocking I-93 to protest white police brutality against black people.
  • So tired of the constant indignation from these people, most of whom have never been repressed at all.
  • Ignorance is only blissful for the ignorant.
  • Ignorance is like death. If you’re stupid or dead, you don’t know or care, but it is uncomfortable for those around you.
  • If they really WERE repressed, they wouldn’t be in our faces, would they?
  • I think that if they want to see real repression they should go to the Middle East and protest the killing of Christians.



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