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New Yorkers say, “Al ain’t our pal.”

2015_01 Quin survey NYC Sharpton unfavorable


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Oh PUH-leeze …

Al Sharpton and the Oscars

What’s wrong with this man?  Has he been out of the spotlight for too many days in a row?  Or is he just SO desperate to turn media attention away from Islamic violence that he is willing to make an even bigger ass of himself than usual?

Most likely it is both/and.

Roger L. Simon posted this in response to being labeled a RAAACIST for failing to vote P.C.

Maybe it’s actually a badge of honor — after all Sharpton himself makes Bull Connor seem like Martin Luther King — but the Rev Al has called me a racist because I am one of those (white!) Academy members who did not vote for Selma as an Oscar nominee. I cannot tell a lie. He’s right. …

I do acknowledge my vote publicly, although it’s a secret ballot taken online, known only to the Academy and fifty thousand North Korean hackers. …

But I have bad news for Al … some of us old white guys vote for talent and accomplishment, not skin color. I know that doesn’t fit in with your narrative or whatever you want to call it, but as anyone who has worked in Hollywood knows, it all comes down to the ol’ box office-arooney. …

Let me tell you what this old lefty thinks of “diversity.” Diversity IS racism. … It divides people and turns them into objects, but that’s probably over your (meaning Al’s) head, so I’ll leave it at that.



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