And the Oscar for pointless movie reviews goes to … – UPDATED

… the New Republic review of American Sniper which the reviewer admits he didn’t watch.

2015_01 15 Reviewer hasn't seen Sniper

THIS is worth reading!

“Make no mistake: Looking through a magnified rifle scope and killing another human being is a difficult job. It’s a burden many snipers bear long after their service is completed. But contrary to what many believe, snipers are not mindless murderers or killing machines. They’re intensely dedicated professionals willing to do a very difficult, extremely dangerous job with the goal of protecting others.



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10 responses to “And the Oscar for pointless movie reviews goes to … – UPDATED

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    I think this is right up there with Mayor de Blasio’s bizarro remark about not wanting illegal aliens to feel like second class citizens.


  2. Man, that guy’s a piece of work. I like the way he throws a little extra Bush blaming in at the end there. What kind of publication actually prints a review of a movie where the critic didn’t even view it? ‘Journalism’ is pretty loosely defined these days.

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  3. Hey, speaking of snipers, I just got off the phone with our own Vietnam veteran sniper, Vladimir Solaratov, who was a regular blogger at Hillbuzz when Chrissy was admin there, and he later blogged with some of us at the Tree and at 4gfc. Lately, he hasn’t been doing much blogging since he’s been (successfully) fighting cancer over the last year or so. But he’s in pretty good shape and about to turn 70 next week.

    A few of us are planning on paying him a visit at his place in rural Missouri. If anyone has a birthday wish for him, or even a desire to go join the party next week, let me know. Sol is a real-life man of mystery (the original Dos Equis guy) with a rich history of serving his country, a huge sense of humor and apparently a lady-killer past. We should have some amazing stories around the fire next week.

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  4. Pistol Pete

    Make sure you tell us all about it….we’d like to hear


    • Pete, you’re one of the few people who might be close enough to try to meet up near St. Louis. If you think you might want to do that, let me know, and we’ll figure out how we can help. That goes for anybody else. Any strong interest in joining us for some war stories, chow, politics and a little light maintenance on Sol’s place, please speak up! I’ll do whatever I can to make it work.

      Actually, I just realized that Mindful is pretty close, as well.


  5. . . .
    I can’t even . . .

    Chris Kyle was a G+ddamm American Hero, and anyone that thinks otherwise can kiss my fluffy white @ss. His widow is an amazing woman, and Jesse Ventura will get what he deserves, if not from the hands of men, then by the hands of God.

    Everything I’ve heard from the film is great– that Eastwood and Cooper got it right. Eastwood is probably (one of) the only director in the biz that could have pulled this off, and done it right. Bradley Cooper is a surprize, considering last time I saw something he was in, he was a genetically modified raccoon . . .