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Big hearts plus 3-D printers make FREE prosthetics for kids!

You’ll need a tissue for this one.

3D prosthetic printing

A Year Of e-NABLING The Future – 2014

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Same ol’ same ol’

Obama toon - Changing the law

From my Fox News Email Update: 

We are told that President Obama promised his fellow Democrats in the Senate, who huddled this week in Baltimore to contemplate life in the minority, that he is “going to play offense” against the Republican-controlled Congress. This is hardly surprising, given that his response to every political setback in his presidency has been to escalate his conflict with his political rivals. Remember that this is a president who, even when he was riding high at the start of his term, has made it a priority to break and remake the Republican Party, opponents his top communications adviser said were not “worthy” of the moment. At every inflection point, Obama has sought to change his opponents, but shown little interest in changing how he, his administration or his party operates. This effort promises to be as much of a failure as all of the prior tries.

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The news is still full of terrorism,democrat conspiracy,republican impotence and race-baiting stunts. I figured maybe it was time for some different stuff just for a change.

The temperature is supposed to hit 38 tomorrow. I plan to run the old Ford POS through the car wash,since like most cars it has so much salt on it that it looks like a big margarita. Hopefully it won’t wash off the rust that’s holding the darn thing together.







Jurassic Fart






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Can We, at Least, Let a Different Set of Leaders Fail Us This Time?


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MSNBC’s Fail and Tweeters’ Hilarious Responses

It started when MSNBC’s Luke Russert sneered about freshman Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) being chosen to deliver the GOP commentary after Obama’s State of the Union address.

2015_01 15 Russert - pig farmer tweet

Tweeters responded:

  • Also, a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard and an Iraqi War veteran. But whatevs!
  • So Luke … what’ve you done lately, you condescending, sneering little twerp? Besides acting like a colossal douchebag, I mean?
  • Luke Russert’s meteoric rise continues. When his father was alive he was a blatant nepotism hire; today, he’s a Democrat shill.
  • Why does Luke Russert say “pig farmer” with that air of elitist contempt?
  • Any hog Joni’s ever castrated is twice the man Luke Russert is.

PIG superpower

Some Twitter genius started #LukeRussertFarmTips:

  • My first three dogs live on a farm now. My mom says they love it there.
  • Cow chips are best served still warm and are a great source of fiber.
  • A herd of ducks can reduce a bull to a skeleton in 37 minutes.
  • Baby carrots are pulled from their mothers at birth and raised in dark sheds.
  • John Kerry discovered the recipe for ketchup while serving in Vietnam.
  • Jimmy Carter invented peanut butter by accident while clubbing a rabbit.
  • Planting your corn in corn rows is cultural appropriation and probably a microaggression.

Boneless bananas



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And the Oscar for pointless movie reviews goes to … – UPDATED

… the New Republic review of American Sniper which the reviewer admits he didn’t watch.

2015_01 15 Reviewer hasn't seen Sniper

THIS is worth reading!

“Make no mistake: Looking through a magnified rifle scope and killing another human being is a difficult job. It’s a burden many snipers bear long after their service is completed. But contrary to what many believe, snipers are not mindless murderers or killing machines. They’re intensely dedicated professionals willing to do a very difficult, extremely dangerous job with the goal of protecting others.




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