Hurtling Through Space

Helical animation of our solar system showing its motion through space relative to some inter-galactic point that some scientist arbitrarily decided is the ‘correct’ one, with some velocity that is impossible to objectively determine. From Hat tip: The Lonely Libertarian.

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One response to “Hurtling Through Space

  1. The video was kewl, but I’d punch up the sound track.

    “It’s a great big universe and we’re all really puny…”


    “It’s all a dream… light passing by on a screen…
    and there’s you and I on a beam…
    speeding through the universe…”

    Animaniacs, or Moody Blues? Hmm.

    Srsly, I’ve seen part 1 before. Part 2 was less informative, but still interesting. Increasingly, we see the universe modeled, and it’s increasingly amazing.