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Charlie Hebdo vs. Media Talking Heads – UPDATE

Hebdo cartoon

MSNBC: Hebdo’s murder is no different from a slander lawsuit

FOX News: “If we had guts, those cartoons would be reprinted on the front page of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times tomorrow. They won’t be.”

In other media news … when Fox’s contract came up for renewal, they thought their increasing popularity should translate into more money for the right to carry their shows.  Fox News and Fox Business are consistently in the top 5 viewed networks and Fox pulls in over 1.2  million viewers in a day.  Dish Network Corp. didn’t agree and turned Fox off on December 20th.  Since then, 350,000 Dish customers have called or visited Fox’s website about the problem and at least 90,000 have changed to a new provider that carries Fox.

2015_01 CNN talking head calls black Frenchman African American

2015_01 09 CNN calls jihadist activist



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IT’S A BOY!!!!

Our very own Bluebird of Bitterness became a grandmother for the first time yesterday.
From her FB page: Got to see him just for a few minutes. He was born at home, at about 7:30 this morning, weighing eight pounds four ounces. His name is Kiran, and he’s just as cute as he could be.


I hope BoB doesn’t mind my doing this,I’m just so excited my dear friend is going to learn the unbridled joy of being a grandparent (spoil ’em,then send ’em home).
Babies are a miracle that God performs every day.



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