The new GOP Congress

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“The days of hiding under Harry Reid’s desk are over.” Charles Krauthammer

During the past eight years of Democrat rule, Harry Reid concentrated the power of the U.S. Senate in his office.  The newly elected Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), says he is going to return to the traditional business model whereby all the Senators actually do their jobs.

Obama likes to present himself as this fearless leader, but his record of voting Present or being absent for important votes in the U.S. and Illinois Senates exposes that as a fraud.  Reid’s policy of sitting on any legislation Obama didn’t want to sign allowed the big baby to avoid taking a stand on anything.  Now that the GOP holds the majority in the House and Senate, Obama will finally have to fish or cut bait.  I expect a nervous breakdown any day now.

OBAMA crying baby

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