A Letter To Jill (Trig’s dog)

The following open letter by “Rex Scholla” was posted to Kevin Scholla’s blog at:

by Rex Scholla (Kevin’s dog)


Hello Miss Jill,

My name is Rex. My human dad does a lot of radio work and writing in support of your buddy Trig’s mom. I’m a black lab too, but I’m a mutt so I’m only part Lab. They think I’m also Jack Russell. Anyway, I’m writing to tell you that I have your (for lack of a better term) back.

That Trig kid was standing on you I see. Well that hit home! I have a six year old friend too. She’s pretty gentle with me. Girls seem to be that way. But she has this brother. He’s four and he reminds me of Trig a bit. But if you think you have it bad with Trig on your back, listen to this. He makes me play Batman every day! I have to be Ace the Bat Hound! I’m like “Dude, my name is Rex!” Sometimes I even wear a Bat suit.

When we’re not playing Batman he wrestles with me. If he gets too rough I let him know. Usually a little growl will get him back in line. Every once in awhile I’ll scratch him just to get my point across. Humans catch on eventually. The funny thing is I like playing with him. Yeah, I’m their dog but they’re also my kids. I’m sure you feel the same way.

Just like you were adopted by the Palins from the awesome Puppy Jake Foundation, I was adopted by the Scholla family. They found me on a highway, homeless. I was under weight, I had two kinds of worms, my nails were too long. I didn’t even know what a leash or collar was. Now, I’m having a blast. I’m a big part of the family. I hear you are too. I’m not surprised.

I know Trig’s grandfather has a cool black dog named Bo who sniffs for antlers. Showoff! Trig’s sister Willow spoils her little foo-foo dog. I mean that with love of course. I’m a city guy so I’m not used to prim and proper pups. The point is, you were brought into the Palin family because you are specially trained to help a guy like Trig and be his buddy. You are doing a great job. It looks like that training paid off because you know exactly how to deal with Trig. I bet a lot of that is just in your heart.

Have a great winter in Alaska. We are both fortunate to be spoiled pups in loving homes. Not to scare you or anything but did you know some people eat dogs? There’s a skinny guy in Washington, DC that actually ate a dog! Makes a kid on your back seem pretty pedestrian. Oh, and don’t listen to these people saying bad things about the picture of Trig on your back. They have a political agenda. I’m not sure what that means but the guy in the house I mentioned earlier told me that. That one group PETA says they’re for dogs and then they go out and kill a bunch of us. Don’t go anywhere near them.

There is a silver lining in this for me. Maybe dogs will be more careful about what photos get out there on the Internet. I don’t want anyone seeing me in my Bat suit. Gotta go now. My favorite show Dog with a Blog is on Disney Channel.

Barks and Licks,

Rex Scholla

PS- Did you ever have a Jack Russell aunt or uncle? Maybe we’re related.
PPS- Do they let Labs in the Iditarod?

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