Wind power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Just like the global warming argument, these wind turbines have fallen on their faces. Here are just the four that have come crashing down during the past MONTH.

2014_12 13 German turbine collapses

2014_12 16 Kansas turbine collapse

2014_12 19 Scotland turbine collapses

2015_01 03 Irish turbine collapses

The Scottish turbine above was sited on the same platform as a previously failed tower.

2011_12 Wind turbine in Scotland collapses



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3 responses to “Wind power isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

  1. Windmill farms are where the Green movement eats its own tail.

    They’re building a big wind farm west of here, which recently got a go-ahead against opposition. It’s at cross purposes with the local avian research center. Carefully raise an eagle. Get to see it shredded. Okay, it’s mostly more common birds, but still…. And ICYMI, some AmerIndian tribes can legally collect “protected” eagle feathers, but for the rest of us to so much as pick one up off the ground is a federal crime; windmills get a total pass for their mass slaughter, though, if they catch a protected critter.

    Daughter was in a whole foods looking at some socks. Another customer saw her looking at them and they got to talking. Daughter said they seemed like nice socks, but she was concerned because they were “made with wind power.” The other customer did not comprehend. By the time Daughter finished explaining about windmills as migratory bird Cuisinarts, she had additional audience of another customer and a store clerk. (Subversive!)