Leftist, thy name is Big Fat Honkin’ Hypocrite

Sarah Palin posted this on her Facebook.

2015_01 01 Trig on dog

Leftists who apparently have nothing better to do than obsess about people they hate responded as per usual.

2015_01 01 Wishing Palin dead

2015_01 01 Cuz pedophilia is soooo funny

PETA got in on the Palin Derangement Syndromania.

2015_01 01 Peta dog abuse

Some observers noted a certain … shall we say “discrepancy” (by which I mean, “flaming hypocrisy”) … in PETA’s angst.

2014_07 Ellen posted similar pic

Sarah got in her digs in true Palin form. ::snork::

2015_01 03 Palin tells Peta to chill



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2 responses to “Leftist, thy name is Big Fat Honkin’ Hypocrite

  1. Ting

    Here we are – hoping to focus our new Representatives on firing Boehner on Tuesday – and what does the left try to distract us with? I am beginning to wonder, Chrissy, if it is shameless hypocrisy or masterful distraction techniques. Everybody call your Congressman tomorrow and tell him/her to “FIRE BOEHNER!”

    And by the way, I love Sarah. “Chill” indeed! Thanks, Chrissy, for calling it to my attention.


  2. If the dog was not upset by Trig standing on it, then there is no harm done and no cruelty. PETA remain a joke.