Climate Facts

Earth’s sea ice expanded to record levels as 2014 ended. (Note to alarmists: God is in charge of the climate, not you.)

1978-2014 Sea Ice

NASA discovers that the excess carbon dioxide we’re pumping into the atmosphere is making the tropical rainforests grow faster.

2014_12 30 CO2 makes tropical rainforest grow


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  1. Outstanding plot and graphic! Nicely done.

    So many intelligent people are fooled by this alarmism, including my dear old rocket scientist boss, who’s a bona fide genius, and Pope Francis.

    The simple, undeniable fact is that the Sun drives our weather and climate. Its activity is far beyond our control. As Chrissy points out, only God can alter the Sun. CO2 is a TRACE gas in our atmosphere. It’s currently 0.04% of the atmosphere. It has been CONSIDERABLY higher than that in the distant past, and the planet flourished. Climate alarmists only focus on the minuscule level of CO2 because they can make a case that we have the power to change it, as Chrissy said.

    But they are still wrong. If we crushed all our industry and killed off all our livestock and 90% of our human population and lived in caves, the CO2 level might STIL RISE due to a little increase in the natural volcanic activity of the planet!