From D#2s FB page:

Update: 2015 will be the year that Tyler beats cancer. He has been diagnosed with a peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor (pPNET). We won’t know the stage until they complete the scans on Friday, along with additional testing, to see if it has spread to anywhere else in his body. We were told that he will likely be back in Chicago on Monday to have a port installed to begin chemotherapy as soon as possible. Please don’t google. I’ve done it, and shut it down almost immediately. The most reliable information will come from his oncologist on Friday (Dr. Walterhouse at Lurie).

Our boy is resilient beyond measure, and we will fight this with everything we have. We are all still trying to absorb this, so please understand if we aren’t able to return phone calls, texts, or messages. It’s all very overwhelming, and our sole focus is on Tyler. Our core tribe will be heading to Chicago tomorrow night, and we will be telling Tyler about his diagnosis on Friday. In the meantime, I will be looking into as many resources as possible to figure out how to explain to my precious boy that he has cancer. It all just seems grossly unfair, but our only choice is to trust in God, and in his medical team, and hold his hand through every step. Please continue to pray, think good thoughts, or whatever positive vibes you can put in the universe for our boy. I will be setting up a Caringbridge account in the next few days, and will post a link so we can keep everyone up to date as we go.

One more thing. Fuck Cancer.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Makes all the complaints I can come up with seem piddling,doesn’t it?



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6 responses to “TYLER UPDATE… IT’S NOT GOOD

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Thank you for posting this, Pete. Prayers via Holy Spirit groans, cuz there are no words.


  2. Pistol Pete

    I can think of no one that deserves God’s mercy more than this little one.


  3. Will pray hard, Pete. Tyler is a brave boy. I know that it is difficult to find hope for a happy ending, but I’d like to point out that one of our bloggers, ZMalfoy, who’s been with us through various sites from HB to HT to TCT to 4GFC to PN, survived aggressive cancer when she was very young, and she still bears the burns from the radiation treatment. She’s now about 34, I think.


  4. Ting

    I am so sorry to hear this. My son is on the board of a local foundation that supports children in cancer treatment. It is called “ASK” which stands for Answers, Support, Kindness – I think! It is local unfortunately, but I bet that there will be similar programs in the Chicago area. When you are not praying,maybe try to use your research skills to see what kind of support is available. Now is probably not the time to flood your daughter with them, but keep all the information together and pull out what you think might be helpful at the appropriate time. At least that is something that you can do.

    Maybe you can drive them places, too. You are an expert driver, after all, and she may like to have some time when she doesn’t have to focus on the road and can let her thoughts wander – or just catch up on some sleep. These are just the first things that popped into my mind that you could do to be helpful and feel like you are contributing something besides prayer.

    My prayers are starting right now.


  5. I will be praying for your boy, Pete. I have some friends in that area, i’ll ask around for what support may be available.

    I had stage 4 cancer out of college. It was rougher on those who loved me, I think, than it was on myself.


  6. Prayers for healing and strength.