This is an exercise in total self-indulgence. I wouldn’t read it were I you.

A couple of you may have noticed I haven’t posted for awhile. There are persistent issues with this here Univac machine. Long story short…I made contact with a tech who lives 35 miles north,in Southern Wisconsin. He wasn’t the cheapest but he guaranteed his work. He asked me to load a program called Teamviewer,whereby he could repair my PC remotely from his location after I gave him the ID and password. When I downloaded it,five more programs sneaked onto my machine that were all popup nightmares. I managed to uninstall them all except one called Comodo Geek Buddy. It kept asking me to upgrade rather than uninstall. Hopefully he can fix this stuff today. I’m sick of pages not loading and slower-than-sorghum performance. Hopefully I’ll be regaling you again soon with things like cops being murdered, demonstrators being run over, hypocritical libs crying racism and the media telling us how Jeb Bush would be such a fine republican presidential candidate.


We had a really nice Christmas at Casa Pistol. DW’s son,daughter and her hubby and Miss Isabel and Miss Olivia and our best friends. Miss Olivia loved the latest addition to her Brown Bear family and Miss Isabel really liked the Olaf we found a couple months ago and bought because we knew they would be gone shortly.

Saturday we went to Daughter#1’s house to exchange gifts. D#2 was there with her boyfriend and our Tyler. After they left to take Tyler to his dad’s, d#1, her hubby, and DW and I talked for hours. I informed SIL his gift to me was going to be some pictures, since I don’t have any of the family.
This is DW and I with the flesh of my flesh:

These are my grandchildren. They’re all I have. It infuriates me that they will bear the burden for the profligate spending the drunken hacks in DC are doing right now. Rihanna, RJ, Tyler, Peyton, and Karissa don’t even get a vote for years yet.

We are taking D#1 and her beloved to our favorite little Italian restaurant Friday. Tonight,as every News Year’s Eve for years,we’re going to our favorite steak place,which we can only afford once a year. Our kids got us a gift card from there that should cover most of it.

Facebook is such a wonder. My cousin,Trish,who I met by accident a couple weeks ago, invited me to breakfast with her and her dad yesterday. There’s always so much to talk about after not seeing each other for years. Later she posted a picture her mother had of my older brother,Russell. It hung in our living room for many years. He was seven and I was about three when he went into our backyard to play. He jumped out of the tree he was playing on and mom’s clothesline,which was wrapped around the bottom branch, caught around his neck. My dad went out later to do some gardening and found him with his feet about 3 inches off the ground. It was shortly after that my parents split up and my dad,being a severe diabetic,quit taking his insulin. When he was found in a downtown hotel room the coroner determined he’d been dead for three days. His birthday and death day are the same.

This really brought back memories. He’d have been almost 70 today. How different would things have been with a big brother and a dad? Who knows?

Thats all I have until my PC issues are resolved.Thanks for not listening.


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6 responses to “A PISTOL PETE UPDATE

  1. chrissythehyphenated

    Best Pete Post Ever. I need a tissue. THANK YOU for sharing!!!


  2. Not self indulgent at all, Pete! I’m so happy to learn about your family ^_^


  3. I’m just glad to hear about the family, tragedy and all. It’s good to know. Thanks for writing about it!

    About the PC, I have 2 Windows machines that are just becoming available. The one I can more easily send you, if it would help, is a Samsung laptop that is about 4-5 years old. It’s healthy, and has been protected by Norton currently. The other is a Dell desktop that is slightly younger, but we’ve been having trouble with it blue-screening every once in a while, so I don’t trust it.

    Let me know if you’re interested.


  4. Ting

    I loved this post. Now I know how you happened to end up at Granny’s. So sorry for the circumstances that brought you there, but I am glad you landed in such a loving home with so much wisdom. Happy New Year, everyone!