PoliNation Christmas Review 2014

In Illinois…
Somewhere in the northern Rockies…
That’s Auntie Lib and Bob right behind her.

Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin, Bob got something special made for her by Chrissy.
In New York, Chrissy’s great joy was a visit from Warrior Princess, who took some time off from her usual super-hero duties in the U.S. Armed Forces.


She almost got to see some grand children, but there were some difficulties that led to a last minute cancellation.
In Virginia, Ting got a new toy she’d been wanting for a while.
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In Maryland, Zophiel had a little job trouble early in the season when applying with a South Korean firm.
Then, when heading north for some skiing, she nearly got involved in a snowy road accident.
But she still had a great Christmas at her own place, decorating the tree just the way she wanted it.
In Oklahoma, Mindful and his good Lady enjoyed a cowboy Christmas, and as usual, no one “shot their eye out.”
Here in Colorado, it was also a cowboy Christmas, and in Parker, CO, we had a particular treat in having Michael Martin Murphey perform his “Cowboy Christmas” show in town this year. He’s been doing that show around the West for years, and I fondly remember having him drop by one of the northern New Mexico ranches where I was working back around the summer of 1979 or 1980 to play for free for the staff. Sure, he got some buffalo stew out of it, but it was generous of him, and I’ve always admired this authentic cowboy minstrel.


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15 responses to “PoliNation Christmas Review 2014

  1. *giggles* Look, when I shot those stormtroopers down, I didn’t think they’d crash into the highway. . . for crying out loud, they couldn’ta landed in all the trees just off to the right?



  2. Here’s what I really got for Christmas, from my lovely teenage daughter:


  3. Pistol Pete

    Grunt,you’re a tad bit deranged…..I like that in a person.


  4. chrissythehyphenated

    Laughing myself sore over that picture of Warrior Princess. How’d you find one of her on-line?!?!?!


  5. From Pete’s stories about Gran, I think that kid up top would soon face a beating with a wooden spoon, or a switch. And then given more peas.

    Well, I’m honored that Milady and I were included! Like the whole hilarious post, appropriate imagery, too: you see, about those things that you’ll put an eye out with…

    I confess I have not fired a gun since many years before Dad died in ’68. I could say I’m a recovering pacifist, except of course it was my own unique slant on Jesusonian pacifism, not the standard anti-war brand of violent pacifism of back in the day. So, I’m happy to report that while I remain a gun-free zone (some people really should), my sons have advanced. Christmas Day, they were chatting with each other about their weaponry and ammunition — the real thing, not role-playing game versions. I’m so proud they have exceeded their sire. And as a recovering vegetarian, I want to add that the in-town son did a great job on the smoked turkey, beef brisket, and roast duck for the Christmas feast.

    I can’t take credit; probably, it was just living here in bullets & beef country. Whatever works. After the downfall of civilization, perhaps they’ll feed & defend their old maw and paw.

    Happy New Year, PoliNation people! May 2015 be good for you, and for us all.


    • Cowboy Christmases don’t usually involve firearms, so I’m sorry I picked that one for you, although I know that you embody the cowboy, rebel spirit, and good for that! Glad the image worked for the Webworker family, in general, though. Thanks for the updates!

      On the note of being included, I apologize if my little montage, which was really just put together because our usual house comedian was having computer troubles, did not include all the PoliNation regulars. Sorry, GP and Hoot and Rose and Harvey and Jane Dough and anybody else who didn’t happen to make it into the whole scary post! 😉

      But feel free to add to it, if you like!