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PoliNation Christmas Review 2014

In Illinois…
Somewhere in the northern Rockies…
That’s Auntie Lib and Bob right behind her.

Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin, Bob got something special made for her by Chrissy.
In New York, Chrissy’s great joy was a visit from Warrior Princess, who took some time off from her usual super-hero duties in the U.S. Armed Forces.


She almost got to see some grand children, but there were some difficulties that led to a last minute cancellation.
In Virginia, Ting got a new toy she’d been wanting for a while.
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In Maryland, Zophiel had a little job trouble early in the season when applying with a South Korean firm.
Then, when heading north for some skiing, she nearly got involved in a snowy road accident.
But she still had a great Christmas at her own place, decorating the tree just the way she wanted it.
In Oklahoma, Mindful and his good Lady enjoyed a cowboy Christmas, and as usual, no one “shot their eye out.”
Here in Colorado, it was also a cowboy Christmas, and in Parker, CO, we had a particular treat in having Michael Martin Murphey perform his “Cowboy Christmas” show in town this year. He’s been doing that show around the West for years, and I fondly remember having him drop by one of the northern New Mexico ranches where I was working back around the summer of 1979 or 1980 to play for free for the staff. Sure, he got some buffalo stew out of it, but it was generous of him, and I’ve always admired this authentic cowboy minstrel.


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New Candidate Sidebar Graphic and Contest

wine2Some of the PoliNation staff have been talking about changing up a bit of the sidebar art, perhaps as a way to man-up the blog somewhat, since we are a mixed crowd, after all. I haven’t discussed this book room photo with anyone yet; I’m just putting it up for discussion. However, if it turns out that the regulars like it, I will also offer to photoshop someone of your choice in the empty green chair. It occurred to me that it might be fun to have Ronald Reagan or Mark Twain or Claire Boothe Luce sitting in the chair, reading. I have no preference, but anyone who suggests the winning figure (voted on by all) stands to win the grand prize, which I will provide. Probably some kind of booze, like a six-pack of Bluebird Bitter or Pig’s Grunt Ale, but possibly something Chrissy fermented. Who knows?

In general, I find the reading room photo appropriate, since the early days of the Honey Trail blog (one of our predecessors) involved a good bit of book review and reading suggestions. Even today we have occasional reviews of books and movies like the old days. Any other ideas?  Any votes on the reading room photo above?  Of course, blog founders, like Rose or Bob or others may exercise veto power, so don’t be shy.  I’m particularly interested in hearing from Harvey and Hoot and Frankly, since I think they have shown interest in reading lists in the past, but there are many others, of course.


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Fermenting is amazeballs!

Giraffe kissy

At 3:30 pm, I noticed I had not taken any pain medication since 9:00 am!  I blame the ferments. 🙂  Also, I got a text from Mama Buzz that, since starting to drink kombucha, she has totally lost all craving for diet soda!

“Amazeballs” has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. The Bluebird of Bitterness believes this to be yet another sign of the decline of Western civilization.


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