Ali Agca Lays Two Bunches of White Roses on JP2’s Tomb For Anniversary, One for Each Bullet

Breitbart – Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish man who fired two bullets at point blank range into Pope John Paul II’s body in May 1981, paid a visit to the Pope’s grave on Saturday, laying two bunches of white roses at the site. It was Ali Agca’s first visit to the Vatican since the assassination attempt.

Saturday marked the 31st anniversary of the day that the pontiff came to visit Ali Agca in a Rome prison, telling his shooter that he forgave him for the attempted murder.

During that historic prison meeting, Ali Agca surprised the Pope by asking him why he wasn’t dead. According to the memoirs of John Paul’s personal secretary Stanislaw Dziwisz, Ali Aca said: “I know I was aiming right. I know that the bullet was a killer. So why aren’t you dead?”

Dziwisz said it seemed that Ali Agca, an atheist, clearly thought it was miraculous that the Pope was still alive, and “was terrified by the fact that that there were forces bigger than he was.”

As he was walking up to Saint Peter’s Basilica on Saturday, Ali Agca was recognized and approached by a journalist from Adnkronos International, who asked him the meaning of his visit. The one-time terrorist said: “I am very happy to be in Saint Peter’s Square, in the place of the miracle and of Christianity. Long live Jesus Christ, the only redeemer of humanity.” Read more at Breitbart.


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    Grunt, Thanks for carrying the torch. Warrior Princess came yesterday for a Christmas Day as Only Child. We had SO much fun that I never went near my computer.


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    “We have the Real Pope Francis who is sometimes vague or confounding, but always faithful to Catholic teaching, and then the Media Pope Francis who is distorted, mistranslated, or in the recent kerfuffle over whether animals go to heaven, entirely fabricated. The latter creature was once again on full display on Sunday night’s special episode of “60 Minutes: Inside the Vatican” on CBS. … This type of yellow journalism then is not only dishonest and scandalous, but also an attack on faithful Catholics everywhere, for any injury to our Church is an injury to each and all of us.”

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